Process for Chartering Religious Organizations

The potential organization must submit an application for recognition, a constitution, and a roster (i.e., the same requirements as all student organizations). Additionally, religious organizations requesting charter must:

  • Affirm their consonance with the basic tenets of the Statement of Common Faith included herein; and
  • Submit a statement of their faith.

All applications are reviewed by the Student Organization Charter Council (SOCC), the Senior Director of Student Activities, Dean for Students, and the Vice President for Student Life for final approval. Additionally, the Spiritual Life Advisory Committee will make a recommendation concerning the approval or disapproval of the charter. If the Spiritual Life Advisory Committee recommends a charter, the Vice President for Student Life will consult with the President of the University before making a final decision.

In order to maintain a charter, the leadership of the organization must operate the organization in a manner consistent with its mission and the policies and procedures of the University, including submission of a registration form and current roster each year (i.e., the same requirements for all student organizations). Additionally, the campus minister affiliated with the organization or senior officer of the organization will meet with the Chaplain each semester. The campus minister, if applicable, must participate in the Community of Campus Ministers (CCM).