Chartering a Student Organization

The following are required steps to becoming a recognized student organization:

1. Meet with Student Activities

Schedule a meeting with the Graduate Apprentice for Student Organizations to discuss the proposed organization and to secure the appropriate forms.

2. Review Organization Policies

Become familiar with institutional policies, specifically student organization policies for officers, advisors, and activities, to ensure that the proposed organization will adhere to expectations for the entire Baylor community.

3. Identify Organization Advisors

Enlist at least one full-time faculty or staff member as an advisor for the organization. Two advisors are recommended and preferred for each student organization. Additional advisors may be obtained as necessary. (For additional information go to Advisor section of policy.)

4. Complete Documentation

Complete the appropriate forms. Student organizations are chartered only once, but each must complete a registration form and roster each semester. The following forms must be completed before recognition and registration are considered:

  • Application for Recognition
  • Roster Form
  • Constitution or By-Laws

All documents (including the constitution) must be signed by both the organization president and the advisor. Unsigned forms will be returned. Please note all recognized and affiliated student organizations are unable to use the Baylor name in the title of the organization (example: Baylor Chess Club); rather, organizations wishing to acknowledge recognition from the university may do so by referencing where the organization is chartered (example: Chess Club at Baylor University)

5. Submit Documentation

Submit printed copies of the completed forms to the Department of Student Activities in person. If the application is recommended for recognition, the application will be reviewed by the Director of Student Activities, the Dean of Students, and the Vice President for Student Life for final approval. After receiving a recommendation for recognition, the organization is classified as an interest group. Interest groups may advertise, reserve campus facility space, and host interest meetings for prospective members.

  • Please note that religious organizations must proceed through additional approval steps including review by the Spiritual Life Advisory Committee, the University Chaplain, and the President of the University.

6. Attend Charter Workshop Series

Approved organizations’ designated officers will attend a workshop series designed to help prepare them to lead their respective organizations. A minimum of two officers are required to attend all workshops, and the workshop series will culminate with an official recognition ceremony for all organizations. As soon as the organization is recognized at an official recognition ceremony, it may begin operating and meeting.


Timeline for Approval

Each semester two opportunities to charter an organization will be offered. Potential organizations that submit completed documentation by the required deadline may participate in the chartering process. Organizations that do not complete and attend all workshops will not be included in the recognition ceremony; they may not operate as a student organization until all workshops have been completed. For additional information go to .