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FCC Leadership Application
FCC Leader Application
Applications due Monday, March 19th at midnight!



Up to eight leaders will be selected to serve in the FCC leadership structure for the 2018-2019 academic year. Final decisions about next year's leaders will be determined by FCC Executive Leadership Team pending application review and an individual interview. 

If you are interested in leading the new class of leaders, please submit your FCC Leadership Application by Monday, March 19th at midnight.

If you have any questions, please send an email to FCC.



Leaders will:

  • Attend and facilitate the FCC Leadership Training and Planning Retreat
  • Plan and facilitate the application, interview, and selection process for FCC general membership
  • Plan and facilitate the FCC Membership Retreat
  • Attend FCC Leader Meetings once a week
  • Facilitate FCC planning, business, and general membership meetings every Thursday night
  • Commit to a full year of leadership
  • Complete administrative duties as necessary
  • Work with FCC Leaders to plan events that reflect the purpose and mission of FCC
  • Promote relationships, leadership and growth among FCC Leaders by being available and responsive
  • Inform FCC Leaders of involvement opportunities for members at Baylor and in the Waco Community
  • Commit to building relationships, mentoring, and being present in the lives of FCC Leaders