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Removal of an Advisor

Should a student organization believe it is in the best interest of the organization to remove an advisor, the following steps should be taken:

1. Student organization leadership meets with the advisor to address and explain any concerns regarding the advisor's role in the organization.

2. Student organization leadership and advisor agree on a specified period of time for the concerns to be properly addressed.

3. If concerns are not addressed adequately, then the group must submit a request to remove the advisor to the Department of Student Activities. Formal requests must include reasons and justifications for the removal.

4. Only after approval from the Department of Student Activities may an organization inform an advisor that he or she has been removed from his or her responsibilities and/or affiliation with the organization.

*This new policy regarding removal of an advisor may be found on page 16 of the 2011-2012 Student Organization Policy and Procedure Manual. This policy takes effect at the start of the fall 2011 semester.