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The role the Student Organization Advisor plays within an organization is pivotal to the success of that organization. The following expectations of Student Organization Advisors should be discussed between the advisors and the leadership of the organization. A clear understanding of expectations of all parties will be instrumental for current and future successes of the organization. All Advisors to student organizations are volunteers and advise organizations because of a deep desire to impact students' lives through their involvement in co-curricular activities.


• To interpret Baylor University regulations and policies and to provide leadership for the adherence to those rules by the organization.

• To review and approve requests for organization events, activities, publicity, and t-shirts.

• To act as consultants in the areas of setting goals, problem-solving, policy making, and upholding guidelines and purposes. This includes attendance at organization and officer meetings as deemed necessary.

• To attend, as the organization advisor, the duration of all off-campus and overnight activities, assuming leadership in situations of emergency.

• To be in attendance for the duration of all off-campus and overnight events.

• To notify the Department of Student Activities if the student organization fails to assume any of the responsibilities as outlined in the policy and procedure manual.


• The leaders of the organization must consult advisors well in advance of all activities and obtain their approval before plans are finalized. Advisors may refuse to approve any activity.

• The organization must keep the Advisor informed of all organization business. A calendar of events for the entire semester should be given to the advisors; also, two weeks before an event, a personal invitation should be extended to the advisors. It is understood that advisors are welcome to attend any meeting (committee or executive meetings included) at any time.

• The organization must pay babysitting fees for advisors who need this service in order for them to attend an activity for the organization; food, travel, and lodging must also be paid for advisors and spouses when attending out-of-town events and off-campus functions with their organization.

• Students are expected to recognize the major responsibilities of an advisor and coordinate all activities of the organization with the advisors.

• If an advisor is unable to attend any or all of the event, it is the responsibility of the student organization leadership to secure an acceptable substitute advisor and have that individual approved by the organization's advisor and the Director of Student Activities.