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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions you may have about starting a new organization:

What do I need to do to start a new organization?

ANSWER: One should complete these six steps to charter an organization:
  1. Meet with Student Activities
  2. Review Organization Policies
  3. Identify Organization Advisors
  4. Complete Paperwork
  5. Submit Paperwork
  6. Attend Charter Workshop Series

How do I find an advisor?

ANSWER: We recommend that a new organization find at least two advisors. This allows advisors the freedom of sharing advising duties. Any member of the staff or faculty (including graduate assistants) are permitted to advise a student organization. When seeking an organization advisor, be sure to give the potential advisor plenty of information on the purpose of your organization and the activities of the group. You may also refer them to our website for advisors.

Does every organization that seeks recognition receive approval?

ANSWER: Most organizations are approved, however, Baylor University reserves the right to deny recognition to any student organization.

If a similar organization already exists, am I allowed to start a new one?

ANSWER: In these situations we will often encourage you to seek out the current organization and seek some sort of cooperation. We would prefer to have fewer organizations with a large member and activity base than a large amount of small, less effective organizations.

Are there a minimum number of members required to start an organization?

ANSWER: No. Rather than set a specific quota of members to determine whether or not to charter a student organization, Student Activities places a greater emphasis on understanding the organization's plans to develop into a thriving organization.

How long does the recognition process take?

ANSWER: There are two review periods each semester. From the submission deadline, the review process takes approximately 8 weeks. This is assuming that all of your forms have been completed in full and that all signatures have been obtained. Mistakes or neglected information in the application documents will lead to a delay. After the application has been approved officers within the organization will then participate in the next available chartering workshop series, which culminates with an official recognition ceremony. After the chartering workshop series student organziation may begin operating as an interest group only. As soon as the organization is recognized at the official recognition ceremony, it may begin operating and meeting as an official student organization.