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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions you may have about getting involved on Baylor's campus:

How many student organizations does Baylor have?

ANSWER: Baylor University currently recognizes 330+ student organizations. Review our Student Organization List to learn more about the different groups that are available to you.

What types of organizations does Baylor offer?

ANSWER: Baylor offers Academic/Professional, Honor societies, Political, Greek, Departmental, Religious, Special Interests, Music/Performing Arts, Service, and Spirit/Sport/Recreational that's why there are so many organizations!

How can I become a member of an organization?

ANSWER: Every organization has a different way of accepting new members. Many are open to all students, allowing anyone interested to participate in activities. Others require an application and/or interview process. Still others-fraternities and sororities in particular-require potential members to go through a rush and pledge period. Lastly, most academic organizations require particular credentials (completed credit hours, GPA, etc.) in order to be an official member.

Am I allowed to be a member of an organization when I'm a freshman?

ANSWER:Yes! The majority of our organizations allow Freshmen members as early as their first semester of full-time enrollment at Baylor. However, for our Greek organizations, Baylor uses a deferred recruitment system, meaning you have to wait until your second semester to pledge a Greek organization. For more information, visit the Greek Life website.

How can I find the organization that's right for me?

ANSWER: The Division of Student Life provides several opportunities for new students to check out our Student Organizations. At Late Night, held at the beginning of each fall semester, students can browse booths that have been set up by organization members while enjoying free food, games, and door prizes. Also in early fall is the Mosaic Mixer, a showcase of all multicultural organizations on campus. This event is a great chance to check out multicultural clubs and Greek organizations, as well as to enjoy skit and stomp performances by each group.

Is there an additional cost to be a member of an organization?

ANSWER: It depends upon the organization. Some organizations require no membership fees or dues. Others have dues that may be either optional or mandatory. Still others require significant payments from members each semester. Be sure to be informed about financial obligations for members BEFORE accepting initiation into a group.