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Here are the answers to some questions you may have about serving as an advisor:

Is it important that I be at every event?

ANSWER: While you don't have to attend every on-campus event, you are required to attend every off-campus event. Work with your organization to set up reasonable boundaries and timelines that are functional for both you and the organization.

Am I legally liable for the actions of my advisees?

ANSWER: Perhaps. If your organization is hosting an off-campus event, you are required to be there and as a representative of Baylor University and full-time employee, responsibility falls to you. However, if you are not present at an event, have no knowledge of events, activities or action, you may not be legally responsible for the actions of your organization's membership. For more information, please visit the Advisors website.

I can't go to an off-campus event. Can I send someone else in my place?

ANSWER: Yes! You can identify "substitute" advisors to attend events in your place. Substitute advisors may be current Baylor staff or faculty, alumni or current Baylor graduate students. Substitute advisors must appear on the organization's online roster and the Department of Student Activities must be notified of the substitution for the affected event(s).

My organization has acted outside of the expectations for student organizations. What do I do?

ANSWER: Good question! It depends somewhat on the group's actions. A minor slip-up can be handled by you and your organization's officers, such as a bounced check, neglecting to register an event online, etc. For actions with more serious overtones, such as a suspected incident of hazing, an accident or injury, etc., please contact Student Activities. If at anytime you become uncomfortable confronting an issue or behavior within your organization, let Student Activities know and we may be able to assist you!

What do I do with the letter from Student Activities telling me which members are academically ineligible or on probation?

ANSWER: First, discuss the letter with your organization's leaders. Be aware of University policies regarding student participation in student organizations when they fall below minimum GPA expectations. Your members must be students first!

I'm not getting event approvals/roster updates through my e-mail...what do I do?

ANSWER: First, check your junk e-mail folder. Occasionally, e-mails automatically generated by the Baylor servers, such as those resulting from an online event registration, will be filtered by your e-mail system. If this is the case, simply add our server-based e-mail address to your "safe senders" list. This should correct the problem! If not, please contact Student Activities.

My organization is not performing as I want them to, how should I respond?

ANSWER: Developmentally, it is important for individuals and for organizations, to occasionally fail. If your organization is neglecting some of its responsibilities, or is procrastinating on particular tasks, consider encouraging them to get on task. If they choose to ignore your advice and encouragement, allow them to fail or struggle through the consequences of their actions. Often, the best way to help a group learn responsibility and accountability is to get out of the way of the hard lessons!