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Fall 2016 Student Organization Summit
September 5
September 6
September 13
September 14
September 18
September 19 

Student Organization Advisor Summit
August 17
September 12
September 13 
Baylor University is legally obligated to provide risk management training to all student organizations. The training will be provided through the Student Organization Summit and Student Organization Advisor Summit events. The risk management information provided through our training will be beneficial to you and your organization!


The Student Organization Summit is a semesterly student organization risk management training program. It is essential for all student organization leaders to attend this training session in order to be informed and educated on how to protect your organization from unnecessary potential and perceived risks.

Organizations which are unable to send its officers and advisors to this required program will be prohibited from hosting social events, placed on organizational probation, and posted on a list on non-compliant student organizations on the Student Activities website.

Student organization advisors are also required to attend a similar training session once every three years, and the Department of Student Activities will notify advisors when they are to attend or re-new their training. Organization advisors that do not attend this required training will cause their organization to become inactive until they do so.


As a student organization leader, you hold the responsibility to be informed and educated on how to protect your organization from unnecessary potential and perceived risks. To help students operate their organizations in a safe and successful manner, Student Activities hosts the Student Organization Summit each semester. Representatives required to participate in this training include, but are not limited to: the organization President (or equivalent) and the Risk Management Officer (or equivalent). These officers are required to attend at least one of the Risk Management programs during the their term in elected (or equivalent) office. Following the training, officers are responsible for presenting a summary of the training to their organization's members. Please keep in mind that this is state law, and officers are legally obligated to convey this training on to their members.


Student organizations which are unable to participate in this state-mandated law are, among other things, will be placed on organizational probation.


If you have any questions about the state law and/or the legally mandated risk management training, please contact Student Activities at 254-710-2371 or via e-mail.