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So, you've checked out all the different ways to get involved at Baylor, investigated the 330+ student organizations that are available to you...but something's still missing...

Have you discovered an interest that is not represented among our recognized student organizations? Do you have an interest in getting a new organization off the ground?

The process for starting a new student organization is designed to be straight-forward and to challenge sponsoring students to develop a vision to carry the new group into the future.

Each academic year, Baylor University and the Department of Student Activities recognizes an average of 10-20 new organizations. These new groups are made up of students who invest their time and energy, vision and hopes into building newly chartered organizations. Are you ready to build an organization that will contribute to the community of Baylor University?


Contact us! Come by Student Activities and talk with us or send an email to the Graduate Apprentice for Student Organizations !
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