2021 - 2022 New Policy Updates

A number of policy revisions were implemented for the 2021 - 2022 academic year. These revisions are reflected online in the Student Organization Policies and Procedures Guide.

Policy Revisions that are in place for the spring 2022 semester include the following:

Student Organization Conduct Expectations and Procedures

In the event an alleged violation of Baylor University policy should arise concerning the conduct of a student organization, the Student Organization Conduct Policy provides the process by which the allegation may be adjudicated.

The procedures governing how possible violations of University policy by a Student Organization are investigated and subsequently resolved are overseen by the Associate Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students and the details of which can be found in the Procedures Concerning Student Organization Violations of University Policy.

Policy Revisions that are in place for the fall 2021 semester include the following:

Charter Application Review Process

All charter applications are reviewed by the Student Organization Charter Council (SOCC), the Senior Director of Student Activities, Dean for Students, and the Vice President for Student Life for final approval. Student organization charter applications that extend beyond the expertise of the current committee members will be recommended for expanded evaluation to the Senior Director of Student Activities. The Senior Director will coordinate a review process with the Dean of Students and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education to identify faculty and staff experts with varied and diverse perspectives to broaden the SOCC’s evaluation of charter applications as deemed necessary by the SOCC.

Transfer Student Classification

For spring 2022 only, a student is classified as a transfer if he/she has attended a college during a fall or spring semester after high school graduation, obtained a minimum of 12 transfer hours and a 3.00 cumulative grade point average on all transferable hours. Those new transfer students may participate in recruitment, rush, intake processes, pledging, new member education and/or be initiated in spring 2022.

Membership and/or Officer Status

A student’s membership or officer status (interim or permanent) within a student organization may be revoked by the Department of Student Activities, at its discretion, for reasons including, but not limited to, care for the wellbeing of the student and/or student organization, personal conduct not fitting with the ideals of the organization or Baylor, and/or organization or individual policy infraction. Student Activities may impose an interim removal from membership and/or leadership while facts are being gathered and may impose a permanent removal for a violation of University policy.

Additionally, the Information Display Policy Addendum is available online and in effect beginning fall 2021 as well.