Student Organization Giving & Philanthropy

Baylor University is committed to supporting opportunities for student organizations to fundraise for student events, dues, mission trips, and leadership experiences.  The following options outline the methods Baylor you can use to encourage friends, family, and alumni to give generously to support your student organization.

Resources Available for Fundraising 
  • Access to alumni lists and university generated email communication 
  • Secure giving platforms 
  • Tax Deductible Giving Opportunities 
  • Crowd Sourcing Opportunities 
  • Endowment Management 

Crowd Sourcing Platform

Baylor manages a unique crowd sourcing platform to fundraise for projects or initiatives maximizing a large number of small donations to reach a bigger goal.  We encourage student organizations to consider whether they want to fundraise for the semester and/or for a special project.  Both approaches have distinctive advantages with the project based being a focused effort with a tangible outcome (i.e., purchase a new float trailer) or the semester project being a little broader with high impact although more ambiguous with an outcome (i.e., dues scholarships + campus event + mission trip).  

Here are the basic needs to help build out your platform:

  • Picture/ Image:  Provide a picture or image that represents your organization and/or the project 
  • Context (250 words):  Provide a basic overview of your student organization including mission, values, current status of membership, and exciting events or updates
  • Project (500 words):  Describe how you need help and the impact that donations will have on the organization and its membership.  Be specific and inspirational! 
  • Conclusion (150 words):  Express gratitude for the opportunity and provide a contact for any questions


An endowment is the most expensive yet most lasting pathway to supporting your student organization.  Endowments require a minimum of $50,000 raised in under 5 years although provide a minimum 5% return annually for the life of the organization.  This is a great opportunity for alumni to provide a long-term investment in your student organization while giving a tax-deductible donation to Baylor University.  For more information contact Dr. Matt Burchett, Assistant Dean of Philanthropic Engagement, at