Justice Film Festival

Justice Film Festival is the premier showcase for films that celebrate social justice and affirm the sacred dignity of the human person. Since 2013, JFF has been dedicated to creating a platform for redemptive stories of marginalized people and ecosystems bravely overcoming challenges and bringing hope, compassion and light to a world in need of inspiration. 

In the shadow of the profound and necessary national conversation about racial justice, the 8th annual Justice Film Festival returns in 2020 as an all virtual event taking place November 18-21 — this year in partnership with Baylor University. Together JFF x Baylor will leverage the power of cinema to share insights about race, culture, and social injustice. 

The four-day virtual film festival will consist of over 40 selected features and shorts including world premiere screenings, content from studios and emerging filmmakers as well as “Behind The Lens” talkback sessions recorded with filmmakers. Using Eventive’s secure screening platform Justice Film Festival’s partnership with Baylor will offer students, faculty, alumni and partners from Waco and beyond the opportunity to screen this year's top films promoting a more just world from the comfort of their homes. 

Access Information

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Featured Films

The Passing On

Director: Nathan Clarke
Runtime: 70 minutes
Country of Origin: USA

Three professions ushered Black former slaves from poverty to the American dream: preacher, teacher, and undertaker. Today, renowned embalmer James Bryant puts his faith in a new generation to continue this vanishing legacy. He’s met with resistance from his young intern, Clarence Pierre, who himself is conflicted about his commitment due to the judgment he feels from the Black community as a queer, Christian man.

Driving While Black

Director: Dr. Gretchen Sorin, Ric Burns
Runtime: 115 minutes
Country of Origin: USA

DRIVING WHILE BLACK explores deeply embedded dynamics of race, space and mobility in America - focusing in particular on the historical background, unfolding reality, and contemporary relevance of the experience of African Americans navigating the nation’s highways during the last four decades of Jim Crow - one of the most crucial, turbulent and transformative periods in American racial, cultural, social and political history.

Black Boys

Director: Sonia Lowman
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country of Origin: USA

A film for this historic moment, in a nation still struggling to rectify its racist legacy, BLACK BOYS illuminates and celebrates the full humanity of Black men and boys in America. It is a love story exploring the body, mind, voice, and heart through intimate, intergenerational conversations and stories. At the intersection of education, criminal justice and sports, BLACK BOYS reveals the emotional landscape of racism—of how it feels to walk through the world seen as something to be feared.


Director: Sanjay Rawal
Runtime: 80 minutes
Country of Origin: USA

GATHER is an intimate portrait of the growing movement amongst Native Americans to reclaim their spiritual, political and cultural identities through food sovereignty, while battling the trauma of centuries of genocide. The film follows Nephi Craig, a chef from the White Mountain Apache Nation (Arizona), opening an indigenous café as a nutritional recovery clinic; Elsie Dubray, a young scientist from the Cheyenne River Sioux Nation (South Dakota), conducting landmark studies on bison; and the Ancestral Guard, a group of environmental activists from the Yurok Nation (Northern California), trying to save the Klamath river.

You Don’t Know Me

Director: Jon Kent
Runtime: 104 minutes
Country of Origin: USA

You don’t know Tennessee death row inmate Abu-Ali Abdur ‘Rahman and the cascade of injustices that keep him fighting for his life. You don’t know Lionel Barrett, a celebrated defense attorney turned rural goat farmer, who inexplicably blew Abu’s case. You don’t know the prominent businessman whose mysterious cult orchestrated the crime or the deceitful DA who misled the jury. Know them–and the truth behind one of the Southeast's most notorious capital cases.

Jump Shot

Director: Jacob Hamilton
Runtime: 80 minutes
Country of Origin: USA

From Executive Producer Stephen Curry, the award-winning film JUMP SHOT celebrates the true story of Kenny Sailors, the forgotten basketball legend who introduced the jump shot, became a 2-time collegiate All American and NBA pioneer, revolutionized the sport for women, served as a US Marine in WWII, and then quietly faded into history.

Sky Blossom

Director: Richard Lui
Runtime: 87 minutes
Country of Origin: USA

SKY BLOSSOM is a raw, uplifting window into the 24-million children and millennials stepping forward as frontline heroes by caring for their military veteran parents with tragic medical conditions. They are cheerleaders, work part time, and go to school — but also live double lives — serving our country in a way seldom seen. From filmmaker, veteran journalist and award-winning CNN/MSNBC news anchor Richard Lui SKY BLOSSOM references the “Sky Blossoms”—paratroopers rushing to the aid of troops on the ground, and reminds us there are heroes all around us.