Providing Safe Spaces To Gather

Comprising nearly one-third of Baylor’s undergraduate population, the fraternity and sorority community provides students with continuous involvement opportunities. As demand for organizational space increases, while restrictions on campus building use rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for student organizations to find locations for re-occurring meeting space as well as special event space. As a result, organizations are often utilizing spaces that may not meet the standards and expectations of Baylor policy.  Professionals “must work in close consultation and collaboration with others with expertise and resources to meet the needs and interests of students” as stated by Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education for Fraternity and Sorority Advising Programs; therefore, it is imperative that resources for spacing are provided to a population that provides so much to the Baylor community and student experience. For new spacing issues to truly solve these issues, economically viable options must be created for student organizations. Small chapter sizes, and in turn small budgets, do not provide resources for current groups in Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and some Interfraternity Council organizations to afford current rent structures used elsewhere on campus.  In light of that context, the committee believes the creation of organization offices, a conference event spaceevent preparation space, and upgrades to the NPHC garden are all effective measures to create safe and obtainable options for all organizations.



  1. CONFERENCE EVENT SPACE: Create a conference space for Greek chapter use for large events.  
  1. EVENT PREPARATION SPACE: Create an event preparation space for Greek chapter use to express Greek values.  
  1. NPHC GARDEN UPDATES: The space in due for updates to create additional functionality, repair structural wear, as well as provided representation to all NPHC groups on campus. 
  1. ORGANIZATION OFFICES: Create physical spaces for fraternity and sorority use for storage and meetings.


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The Greek Life Vision Committee, a body of student leaders, advisors, faculty, staff, alumni, and inter/national representatives, identified recommendations for the future of FSL at Baylor.
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