Advisor Engagement

As noted in the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education for Fraternity and Sorority Advising Programs, professional staff “must collaborate with stakeholders who support the mission, including … faculty and other advisors”.  Additionally, the standards state a requirement for professional staff to “connect faculty, staff, and administrators to fraternity and sorority members

 collaborate with advisors, and to connect advisors with fraternity and sorority members”.  Although the professional staff work toward these requirements, faculty and staff advisors at Baylor have articulated a need for more information about policies, processes, expectations, and the advisor role.  To maximize the potential for fraternity and sorority advisors to significantly impact student leaders’ experiences and personal growth, a heightened focus is needed for advisor support, recruitment, and recognition.  


  1. SUPPORT: The fraternity and sorority advisor role will be strengthened by eliminating redundancy, improving communications with and amongst advisors, and removing barriers to serve in the role.

  1. RECRUITMENT: Fraternity and sorority advisor recruitment efforts will be advanced by identifying eligible personnel, establishing a faculty liaison, and clearly articulating the value of the advisor.

  1. RECOGNITION: Expressions of gratitude for faculty and staff members serving as advisors will be increased through events, acts, and announcements.


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Monique Testamonial

The Greek Life Vision Committee, a body of student leaders, advisors, faculty, staff, alumni, and inter/national representatives, identified recommendations for the future of FSL at Baylor.
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