Telling The Story

The fraternity and sorority community at Baylor continues to contribute to, and align with, initiatives that support the university mission, yet many constituents are unaware of the contributions provided by these organizations.  In accordance with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education for Fraternity and Sorority Advising Programs (FSAP) expectations necessitating “FSAP must publish or share documents that focus on current events, leadership opportunities, trends, and other information regarding fraternity and sorority life”, professionals will help the community more accurately tell its’ story through information gathering and sharingBaylor mediums, and community advocates.  


  1. INFORMATION GATHERING & SHARING: Fraternity and sorority media publications and other descriptive programs will be created to provide information about demonstrations of values-based activities, chapter performances, and membership expectations.
  1. UTILIZING BAYLOR MEDIUMS: Baylor and Waco-specific mediums will be utilized to highlight the fraternity and sorority community.
  1. TRAINING COMMUNITY ADVOCATES: Fraternity and sorority information will be communicated to targeted campus constituents to further a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the Baylor Greek community.


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The Greek Life Vision Committee, a body of student leaders, advisors, faculty, staff, alumni, and inter/national representatives, identified recommendations for the future of FSL at Baylor.
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