2020 Bearathon Updates


If you registered for the 2020 Bearathon prior to the cancellation of the in-person race, then please use this page as the official source of information for follow-up items and for opportunities for the Virtual Bearathon, swag bag shipment, and partial refunds.

Dear Bearathon Participants,

We apologize for the tardy follow-up, but rest assured that the Bearathon team has been working closely with Baylor’s leadership as the University continued to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in which we now find ourselves.  Since the decision to cancel the on-site Bearathon was made, we have been working hard to ensure that no one was left empty-handed and we want to provide value to you all, especially in light of the physical and financial commitments you made for the Bearathon. 

With that said, we have a few ways for you to “run” forward with us as we all do our best to stay well – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – and hope that you can join other Bearathon runners in the weeks ahead.  Below, you’ll find four simple options on how you can march forward with the Bearathon and still receive the swag you would have received at the Bearathon as well as some level of partial refunds available for each option.  You can also find more details on them through the 2020 Bearathon Updates page on our website.

We are most excited about the first opportunity which is to run in the Virtual Bearathon!  We want you to benefit the most from the training you already completed and add in the finisher swag!  In addition to your swag bag (bottle, bag, and shirt) those who complete the Virtual Bearathon will receive their finisher medal and a 13.1 decal and the finishers of the Virtual Sic ‘Em 6K will receive a special pair of Bearathon sunglasses.  Of course, we want to be sure you follow the latest guidance from the CDC, use proper social distancing practices, and follow the authority of your local officials with respect to shelter orders over the next few weeks.  Once you’ve finished, be sure to tag us on social media (@TheBearathon on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) when you finish so that we can celebrate with you!

Option 1 – Run with us in the Virtual Bearathon or Virtual Sic ‘Em 6K!  If you complete the virtual race, then you will receive ALL of the finisher items for your race as well as the swag bag.  Those who elect for Option 1 will also receive a partial refund ($10 for Bearathon and $5 for Sic ‘Em 6K).  We encourage this option the most since it will allow you the greatest return on your physical and financial investments!  

Option 2 – Don’t want to run the virtual race but want your swag bag?  No problem!  If you choose this option, then we will simply ship your swag bag (bag, bottle, and shirt) to you as soon as we are able.  Those who elect for Option 2 will also receive a partial refund ($15 for Bearathon and $10 for Sic ‘Em 6K). 

Option 3 – Want the highest possible partial refund?  This is the best option for you!  Those who elect for Option 3 will also receive a partial refund ($25 for Bearathon and $15 for Sic ‘Em 6K).  Your swag bag (bag, bottle, shirt) won’t be available for shipping, but you may pick it up at a later date. 

Option 4 – Not interested in a refund and hoping to maximize the profits back to Student Foundation Scholarships?  Thank you!  You’re still eligible for your swag bag to be shipped to you, if you want, so let us know if you want that as well. 

All of these options are available to you until Sunday, April 26.  If you don’t indicate which Option you would like to choose by that date, then the Bearathon organizers will not provide a partial refund to your account and it will benefit Baylor students who find themselves with greater financial need right now.  

If you have any more questions, we will try to address them first in the FAQs below or on the 2020 Virtual Bearathon page.  If your question is not addressed on the Bearathon website, then send us an email at StudentFoundation@baylor.edu.  Due to Baylor University’s on-campus offices being closed and Bearathon organizers working remotely around the country, we will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your patience and “bearing” with us during the last few weeks as Student Foundation and its student leaders worked in tandem with Baylor’s leadership to transition to this new opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How quickly can I receive my partial refund?  The sooner you complete the form associated with the option you choose, the sooner we can begin working on providing your refund.  We will do that through our third-party registration platform on Active.com and once your credit is issued, you should see that reflected within a few business days and it will be credited to the payment card you used to pay your registration fee.  

Why are you only offering partial refunds?  We are only able to provide partial refunds at this point because the Bearathon already made several financial commitments, especially to local businesses, and we must still pay those bills.  However, since the race was canceled several days in advance, we did avoid incurring additional charges that would have left us in a more strapped financial predicament.  Instead, we are using the funds left to provide all registered runners with a small variety of options to help you feel that we could provide the greatest possible outcome for you.  As such, everyone who paid for their registration is eligible for a partial refund. 

If we elect into an option where our items are shipped, when can we expect those to be sent?  We are working in tandem with a local apparel partner that will be able to execute those shipments very soon after the McLennan County shelter order is lifted or allows some businesses to continue operations.  Our best estimate right now is that those shipments will begin in late April or early May.  This is most appropriate for those who chose Option 1, Option 2, or Option 4.

If we want to pick those items up at a later time, when will that become available?  We do not have an estimated time for when those on-campus pickups will be available, but we will continue to be guided by Baylor University's overall response on when in-person activities can resume on campus.  Once we have a finalized schedule of opportunities for on-campus pick up, we will post those to this webpage and send an email to those who elected into Option 3.  Our best expectation is that we can offer that in the late summer and throughout the fall semester.  

Will there be a discount on next year's race too?  We are evaluating all ways to make it up to you through future races, including through a greater discount for next year's race as well, so keep an eye out for information on that when the race registration launches in the coming months.

Why did it take so long for this information to be communicated?  We certainly understand this concern and apologize for how long it took to follow-up with these decisions.  Since the decision to cancel the in-person race, the Bearathon team worked to understand the financial impact of the cancellation to see how we could move forward with commonly requested actions, including partial refunds, swag bag shipment, and a virtual race.  All along the way, we have also been working in tandem with Baylor’s leadership and we are ensuring that the Bearathon is consistent with the University’s approach across campus.  That has certainly caused delays where we would have otherwise wanted to act more quickly, though possibly out of concert with the University.  

I purchased the insurance when I registered for the Bearathon, so am I eligible for a full refund?  The Bearathon itself does not offer event insurance like this, but this was an opportunity through the Active Network, our third-party registration vendor, during your registration process and is managed by another third-party company, Booking Protect.  There's a help page on Active.com's website that addresses the way to apply for that through Booking Protect and also shares a list of covered reasons through Booking Protect's terms and conditions (click here to find that PDF document).  Based on our conversations with the Active Network's customer service team and in reading their terms and conditions, the insurance is intended for injury-related reasons, military transfers, and a limited number of instances.  It seems that they do not provide a refund for instances like this when the race was canceled or postponed.  Student Foundation and the Bearathon do not have any information on this since Booking Protect is not an official vendor partner, but we encourage you to visit their website (click here) to inquire further.  If you wish to receive the largest possible partial refund from the Bearathon, however, we encourage you to complete Option 3 whereby you also are eligible to pick up your swag bag at a later date.