2020 Virtual Bearathon


Registration for the 2020 Virtual Bearathon is now closed.

On this webpage, we will help you with everything you need to know about completing the Virtual Bearathon, including answers about registration, turning in results, how to track your times, and more!

Whether you are a runner who registered for the canceled in-person Bearathon or a runner interested in being rewarded for staying in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have an opportunity for you to virtually participate in a beloved Baylor tradition from wherever you are now!  In addition to shipping your race packets, we will award prizes for various types of participation, including the runners with the fastest times, who completed the race furthest from Waco, and other creative prizes (like who ran most creatively with a friend during social distancing guidelines).  In order to be eligible for the prizes, though, we do want you to submit proof of your results!

Before registering and completing a run, be sure to follow the guidance of the CDC and your local authorities to ensure you are in compliance with social distancing measures as well as shelter orders that are in effect around the nation (and in McLennan County).

Virtual Bearathon Benefits Baylor Students In Need

The Virtual Bearathon is being debuted this year due to the impact of COVID-19 on our campus and the world around us.  So in these evolving circumstances, we are evolving the philanthropic element of the race to direct all proceeds of the Virtual Bearathon to the President's Excellence Fund which is Baylor's primary way to support students who find themselves in acute financial need during this global pandemic and we wholeheartedly support President Livingstone's student emergency funding initiatives.  The need is greater than ever and funds from the President's Excellence Fund have already been awarded to thousands of students who have identified a great financial need.  If you want to learn more about the President's Excellence Fund, it's funding priorities, and to give today, you can click the photo below!

Results & Awards

To find how your results stack up against the field, you can visit the Bearathon results page here on MyChipTime, brought to us by RunFar USA.

In lieu of age division medals this year, we are providing special gold finisher medals to the Top 3 6K finishers (men and women), the Top 10 Half Marathon runners (men and women), the most physically distant runs from Waco (both races), and the highest participation per household (both races).  You should be receiving your gold finisher medal in the mail with your swag bags!

If you want to see or share the results graphics, just find them on our Instagram and Facebook pages (@TheBearathon).


Bearathon (Half Marathon) Results

Female Division

1. Rachael Reddy - 01:20:40

2. Neringa Kaulinaite - 01:22:04

3. Laura Pennington - 01:36:38

Male Division

1. Benjamin Black - 01:12:25

2. Cameron Beckett - 01:18:08

3. Will Best - 01:20:24


Sic 'Em 6K Results

Female Division

1. Lindsey Rowatt - 24:05

2. Donna Baldetti - 25:10

3. Sofia Reyes - 27:19

Male Division

1. Samuel Bellon - 23:45

2. Eric Rash - 24:00

3. Austin Thomas - 24:40


Most Physically Distant Run - Half Marathon

Internationally: Kirk Persons in Bangkok, Thailand (9,089 mi away), Raymond Fung in Hong Kong (8,172 mi), Catherine Rasmussen in Vienna, Austria (5,196 mi)

In the United States: Luis Lebron in Honolulu, HI (3,774 mi away), Melia Blake & Alana Harman in Kailua, HI (3,764 mi), Lauren Dodge in Bellingham, WA (2,249 mi)


Most Physically Distant Run - Sic 'Em 6K

Internationally: Jamie Roberman in Townsville, Australia (8,404 mi away), Bobby Hulett in Escravos, Nigeria (6,732 mi), Makenna Zielske in Mehlingen, Germany (5,196 mi)

In the United States: Kaitlyn Barcelona in Wasilla, AK (3,941 mi away), Eaker Andrew Harris in Redmon, WA (2,158 mi), Elizabeth Arnold in Sammamish, WA (2,149 mi)


Largest Household Participation - all homes with 5 finishers!

1. Thompson/Reid Home (The Woodlands, TX)

2. Hulett Home (The Woodlands, TX)

3. Hammond/Cook/Clemens/Blancas (Frisco, TX)



Registration Fees

The registration fee is charged to simply account for the cost of shipping as well as some of the goods you receive as a finisher!

  • Virtual Bearathon (Half Marathon) - $30 
  • Virtual Sic 'Em 6K - $25 
  • Virtual Bearathon (Half Marathon) for BU Class of 2024 - FREE*
  • Virtual Sic 'Em 6K for BU Class of 2024 - FREE*

Are you having trouble registering someone who is under the age of 18?  Be sure to use this help page on Active.com's website (click here to find it) for support.  If you are still having trouble registering, email us at StudentFoundation@baylor.edu for registration support!

* The Virtual races for the Baylor Class of 2024 are exclusive to new Baylor students joining us in the fall.  The registration is free and Baylor Admissions will send you something cool soon, but this free registration category does not include the race swag that other finishers receive.  If you wish to receive the Bearathon swag, however, then we encourage you to elect for a paid registration option.

Registration fees do not apply to those who previously registered for the Bearathon.  Registration fees are only charged to new entries for the Virtual Race.  If you are a runner who registered for the in-person Bearathon before cancelation, then skip to the "I Finished" area below to submit your results!

Tracking My Run

If you're wondering how to track your results, then you can use any available app on a smart phone or a fitness watch that tracks your workouts, your location through, integrates with music apps, or even those that encourage you along the way to meet your goal.  The Bearathon traditionally uses MapMyRun to map out the race course that is great for your own personal use, but apps like the Nike+ Run Club, Strava, and Couch to 5K are also available for you to use.  Of course, most smart phones today have their own fitness apps on the device, so you likely already have the capability on your current device!

Turning in your results is not required to be a Virtual Bearathon or Virtual Sic 'Em 6K finisher, but we do ask that you submit them if you want to be eligible for prizes at the end!  Either way, we certainly hope that this is a start or continuation of your own fitness tracking!   

If you want to know what the routes we had in store for the in-person Bearathon, you can find us on MapMyRun or click these direct links to the 2020 Bearathon course and the 2020 Sic 'Em 6K course.  Keep in mind, these are intended to be used on race day when traffic control is in place, so please use caution if you would like to run this route or a similar one!

I Finished the Virtual Race...now what?

CONGRATULATIONS!  We are proud of the great work you did to finish the race!  In addition to your swag bag (bottle, bag, and shirt) those who complete the Virtual Bearathon will receive their finisher medal and a 13.1 decal and the finishers of the Virtual Sic ‘Em 6K will receive a special pair of Bearathon sunglasses.

Did you miss turning in your results on time?  The online submission form is now closed and we can no longer ship your swag bags to you, but you can email us to let us know that you finished and we can let you know when your swag items are available to be picked up on campus!

In addition to your swag bag (bottle, bag, and shirt) those who complete the Virtual Bearathon will receive their finisher medal and a 13.1 decal and the finishers of the Virtual Sic ‘Em 6K will receive a special pair of Bearathon sunglasses.

We will also be giving out special awards (with special finisher medals) for those who ran the best times, who ran the closest/furthest from Baylor University, and other creative awards to be announced so keep following on social media to learn more!

Don't forget to post on social media using #VirtualBearathon and tag us (@TheBearathon) to show off and let us celebrate with you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can we expect our finisher swag to be shipped to us?  We expect that Bearathon swag bags will begin shipping out of Waco throughout the week of April 27.  We are working in tandem with a local apparel partner that will be able to execute those shipments while being mindful of orders in place by the City of Waco and McLennan County.  

Do I have to show proof of completing my run?  Proof is not required, but certainly encouraged so since proof of results are required if you want to be eligible for the prizes.

What if I don't feel safe to run outside? Can a treadmill run count? We know that these are unique times - any form of completing a half marathon or 6K is fine!  If you can only do so on a treadmill or other workout equipment in your home, that works for us!

Is there a deadline associated with the Virtual Race?  Yes, you need to register and complete the virtual race by Sunday, April 26 in order to be eligible to get your swag bag and finisher gear!

Why are two of the race categories free?  The Bearathon and Baylor Admissions are working together to bring the great tradition of Bearathon to our new students, but their registration does not include the shipment of the Bearathon swag bag that paid runners will receive.

What if my payment card has changed?  Will that affect my partial refund?  A change in payment card will not affect you being able to receive a partial refund, but it may change how quickly you can receive it.  Upon notification of your credit (that will come from support@active.com), simply reply back to that email indicating that your payment card has changed and they further explain its process for issuing those credits. 

What if I didn't get to submit my results on time?  We are sorry - we know that a number of circumstances could have led to that, so if you missed the window to submit your results online, just send us an email at StudentFoundation@baylor.edu with your name, finisher time, shirt size, and shipping address.  You may not be eligible for awards if they have already been determined by the time we review your results but know that we will work with you to get your finisher gear to you ASAP!