Virtual Resources

Community matters, and we know many of you have found your community at Baylor through student organizations.  While these times may be different, your community remains. 

We encourage you to stay connected with your student organizations and to use the following tips and tools.

Find ways to meet and see each other.

While your student organization may not be able to meet in person, it is important to create virtual opportunities for your members to connect.  These platforms can help connect your organization through videos and messaging.

  • Microsoft Teams is a virtual communications platform that allows groups to chat, meet, call, and collaborate in one place.
  • Zoom is a free video conferencing platform that allows you to access video from a computer or mobile device.
    • If the above video platforms do not meet your organization's needs, please email so that we can provide access to other platforms.
  • Group messaging services such as GroupMe and social media groups allow your members to connect and chat outside of virtual meetings.

Keep working on projects.

Now that you have some extra time, we encourage you to work on projects with your student organizations. Officer transition manuals? Social media and website design?  There are many tasks you can work on together now that you may not have had time to do before!  The tools below can help you with project management.

  • Microsoft Teams and Planner are two tools available to students through Microsoft Office 365 that allow you to collaborate with your members, keep track of tasks and more.
  • Box is a cloud storage platform that allows you to store documents online, enabling you to access, share, and collaborate on your organization's files.

Connect with your Student Involvement Specialist.

Our Student Involvement Specialists are still working and available to help provide you with additional support during these times. Email or schedule a virtual appointment with a Student Involvement Specialist through our scheduling link here.