About Sing and Pigskin Lottery

Thank you for your support of Baylor’s cherished traditions! This page provides helpful information about procuring tickets to Pigskin Revue and All-University Sing. 

Pigskin Revue will take place Thursday, October 20th through Saturday, October 22nd this year.

For questions concerning tickets and access, please contact the BDSC Ticket Office at bdsctickets@baylor.edu or 254-710-3210.

Ticket Launch Schedule:
  • Tickets for Pigskin Revue will be available HERE on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 10:00 am.

How the Sing and Pigskin Ticket Lottery Works:

  • Patrons can purchase their Pigskin and Sing ticket at baylor.edu/tickets. We highly recommend setting up your account at baylor.edu/tickets prior to the launch date.

  • Thirty minutes prior to the advertised ticket launch time, the digital waiting room page will open up. The system does not place patrons into a line queue based upon arrival time. A patron who arrives to the website 30 minutes prior to the launch time has the same chance of gaining access as the patron who arrives 15 minutes prior to the launch time.

  • Any patron already logged into his or her account prior to the waiting room beginning will be logged out of his or her account and placed into the waiting room once it begins.

  • At the advertised launch time, the ticketing system, which is managed by a nationally recognized third party vendor, begins randomly selecting patrons in the digital waiting room for access to the ticket purchasing site. When a patron is selected at random, he or she can then log into his or her account and purchase tickets.

  • The system works to allow as many patrons as possible into the ticket purchasing site according to server capacity.

  • As patrons complete their orders and exit the ticket purchasing site, the system randomly selects new patrons to access the site. This process continues until available tickets are exhausted or internet traffic slows to the point where patrons can access the site and view remaining available seats. After the lottery concludes, the majority of seats have been purchased. 

  • A lottery system ensures equitable access to purchasing tickets.

  • Though it does not guarantee tickets will still be available for every patron, it does guarantee that every patron who accesses the site prior to the advertised launch time has a fair chance at buying tickets. 

  • After being randomly selected, this does not guarantee tickets will still be available to your preferred show date. We highly recommend being open to purchasing tickets for alternate dates. 

  • The randomized lottery process is facilitated by Paciolan, a nationally recognized, objective, third-party vendor. As a ticketing system industry leader, Paciolan facilitates ticket operations for over 500 live entertainment organizations across the world, administering over 120 million tickets a year. 

Helpful Tips to Utilizing the Sing and Pigskin Lottery System: 
  • Set up your account well in advance of the day tickets go on sale.

  • The account used to purchase Pigskin and Sing tickets is not the same account you use to purchase athletic tickets, including student football ticket reservations. Follow the links at Baylor.edu/tickets to set up your campus events ticketing account. 

  • Be certain that you only have one account. You can contact the ticket office at 254-710-3210 or bdsctickets@baylor.edu in advance of a ticket launch to ensure you only have one account. Having multiple accounts will inhibit you from finalizing your purchase. Unfortunately, many patrons who experience technical issues have, at some point, accidentally set up multiple accounts, or forgotten that they already established an account under their personal email.

  • Student accounts can purchase a maximum of three tickets.

  • Students who purchase tickets with their student account can give their tickets to family and friends. 

  • General public accounts can purchase a maximum of four tickets.

  • Due to overwhelming demand, we cannot perform an exchange once tickets are purchased because there are no tickets available to perform an exchange with.

  • All sales are final. Refunds are not provided.

  • We recommend arriving to the site anytime within the thirty minutes prior to the advertised ticket launch time so that you can be placed into the digital waiting room.

  • Arriving to the site earlier than thirty minutes prior to the advertised ticket launch time does not increase your chances of obtaining a ticket. 

  • If you already have an account, ensure all your financial and personal information is correct. 

  • Attempt to purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale. Certain shows of Sing and Pigskin have sold out in a matter of minutes. 
  • Be sure to utilize an effective internet source that will connect you rapidly. Occasionally, internet provided by some work settings will impede a patron’s ability to access tickets quickly. 
  • Consider purchasing fewer tickets. With the overwhelming volume of patrons purchasing tickets simultaneously, it is difficult to identify and purchase the maximum number of seats (three for student ticket launch, four for general public ticket launch). This is made even more challenging if all your seats must be together. 
  • Consider attending a lower demand show date or time. For Pigskin, the first Friday show is most popular, and therefore the most difficult to purchase a ticket to. Likewise, Sing’s Saturday performances are in high demand. 
  • Once you have logged in and accessed the digital waiting room, you will likely experience a delay after tickets launch at the advertised time. This postponement is due to the sheer volume of patrons flooding the site simultaneously. We do not recommend reloading or “xing out” of the digital waiting room, as the system is actively trying to provide you access to the site. This may take some time.
Addressing Common Inquiries:
  • “Why does Baylor use a lottery to sell Sing and Pigskin tickets?” Demand for both Sing and Pigskin tickets is very high, effectively overwhelming the availability of seats in Waco Hall. A lottery system ensures equity among all patrons and guarantees fair chances of access to tickets.

  • “Why are tickets not available for me to purchase?” Unfortunately, this is due to supply and demand. With a limited number of tickets to sell and thousands of people who want to purchase them, inevitably, some people are not able to obtain tickets. 

  • “Baylor gives all the tickets to donors.” Though some seats are reserved for Advancement, the President’s Office, performing groups, and support staff who make the show possible, the general public is allotted the greatest percentage of tickets. 

  • “Baylor gives all the tickets to performing groups.” Since the show is student driven and features student groups, performing organizations receive an allotment of tickets. However, due to the overwhelming demand for tickets, even performing groups are limited on the number of tickets they are allotted. Performing groups are given tickets as a percentage of their performance roster. Thus, not even every performer and their friends and family are guaranteed a ticket. The general public is allotted the greatest percentage of tickets. 

  • “Why are family of performers not provided priority access to tickets?” To ensure all constituent bases have an equitable opportunity to obtain tickets, there is not a family only ticket launch. However, relatives have three avenues to obtaining tickets. Performing organizations are provided an opportunity to purchase tickets as a percentage of their performance roster. These tickets can be disseminated as the organization sees fit, allowing students to provide tickets to their friends and family. Additionally, a student only ticket launch occurs prior to the general public launch, providing further opportunity for students to acquire tickets for family members. Finally, relatives can attempt to purchase tickets by setting up their own account for the general public launch. These three options provide ample opportunity for family members to obtain tickets. 

  • “My account doesn’t work.” Unfortunately, many technically related complaints we receive are due to user error. It is critical that patrons setup an account in advance of the ticket launch date and ensure the information in the account is correct. Patrons should log into their account prior to the ticket launch time. However, occasionally, technical issues arise. If it seems you have experienced a technical problem, please contact us at bdsctickets@baylor.edu. If possible, please provide screenshots detailing your experience and we will try to amend your issue as quickly as possible. Lastly, the account you use to purchase tickets from BaylorBears.com (Athletics), is not the same as the account you use to purchase tickets for Sing and Pigskin. Be sure you have setup an account in the proper system. 

  • “I called the Ticket Office on the launch day and nobody answered.” On launch days the ticket office is inundated with calls from patrons, most of whom are trying to remedy a user error or ask a question about the show. Though we dedicate staff solely to answering calls as quickly as possible, there are periods where the phone traffic is so high, we cannot answer every patron immediately. If you believe you have experienced a technical error, please email the ticket office at bdsctickets@baylor.edu. We monitor this email address hourly during the day and work diligently to answer all inquiries in a timely manner. 

  • “The system is down.” Baylor uses a nationally recognized third-party vendor that utilizes industry best practices to facilitate your ticket purchase. This provider dedicates additional servers to expedite patron access. However, with so many patrons attempting to access the system simultaneously, there will inevitably be delays and, occasionally, technical errors. In recent years, we have not experienced a server failure. However, if it seems you have experienced a technical issue, please contact us at bdsctickets@baylor.edu. If possible, please provide screenshots detailing your experience. We want to address your challenges as fast as possible. 

  • “It can’t sell out that quickly.” As frustrating as it may be, due to overwhelming demand, tickets for popular show dates and times for Sing and Pigskin are rapidly exhausted. We sincerely wish we could provide a ticket to every party, but with thousands of people accessing the site simultaneously, tickets to the shows become unavailable remarkably fast. 
  • “I want to purchase tickets over the phone.” Online transactions are the surest way to guarantee your financial information remains secure. In order to be compliant with personal credit card safety standards, we are not allowed to accept orders over the phone. Therefore, we do not handle credit card information over the phone. All sales will be conducted online. 
  • “Why doesn’t Baylor add more shows?” Every act in both All-University Sing and Pigskin Revue is comprised of full-time students who volunteer to perform. Preparation and execution for both shows requires a full year of planning by each performing group. Participation in Sing and Pigskin are tremendous undertakings, requiring significant time, energy, and resources. Therefore, the university works to maximize patron experience by providing as many shows as possible while prioritizing the academic commitments of each student-performer. 


Have a question or need some help? Feel free to contact the Ticket Office via email at bdsctickets@baylor.edu, or over the phone at 254-710-3210.