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Alumni Membership Nominations

Student Foundation welcomes nominations for membership from alumni and friends.  If you know of an outstanding student leader who is capable and ready to serve Baylor and our students, nominate them so that we can reach out to them and encourage them to apply for membership in Student Foundation!  Just click here to be taken to an online nomination form!  

The Bearathon

The 20th annual Bearathon and Sic' Em 6K is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 25th (date is subject to change).  Visit to learn more about how to sign up.

Stay Connected!

Update Contact Information!

If you haven't heard from Baylor or Student Foundation in a while, it might be because your contact information is out of date.  To update your address, phone number, and email address with Baylor University, you may quickly fill out this Alumni Update Form so that we can keep you up-to-speed on all of the latest Student Foundation news and happenings!

Remember Your Connection Card

Your Connection Card will always point you back to the best ways to stay in touch with Student Foundation and fellow alumni and friends.  Stick this card in your wallet or a trusted place!

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If you have not received a card at a previous Student Foundation event and would like one, please e-mail us ( with a good mailing address for you and we'll drop it in the mail soon!


Legacy Wall in Ed's

Student Foundation alumni are always welcome back to the Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Center on campus and, when you come by, we encourage you to leave your mark on our "Legacy Wall!"  You just write your name, your years of Student Foundation service, and one word that describes your Student Foundation experience or the impact Student Foundation had on your life. 

StuFu Legacy Wall

There's always a chance to participate remotely, just email us ( with what you want to be written on your sticker (and which color sticker you prefer), and we'll hand-write it and put it on the wall for you!

Your name in a sticker

Follow Us on Social Media 

We encourage all Student Foundation alumni to request to join the private Student Foundation Alumni Facebook Group or follow our main pages (@BUStuFu) on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


Interested in making a gift to Student Foundation Scholarships?  

We hope that you will consider a contribution to help Student Foundation continue our mission to provide scholarships to worthy Baylor students..  To make a one-time gift, simply click the photo below or visit this page.  

Make a gift to Student Foundation Banner

In addition, there are several naming opportunities for spaces in the Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Center.  Be sure to contact Mr. Andy VanZanten, the Troy and Betty Mays Director of Student Foundation, if you have an interest.

Celebrating with us from afar?

If you are unable to join us in Waco for the Homecoming Reception, we have a few ways that you can still be connected and contribute to the festivities!

  • Join the Student Foundation Alumni Facebook Group and stay connected to other dedicated alumni and hear about the great things happening on campus!
  • Share your Student Foundation memories with us!  If you have any photos or videos you want to share with us, you can email them to us at  If you have apparel or other items you'd like to mail to us, you can send them to us at One Bear Place #85582, Waco, TX 76798-5582.


Do you have any questions about Student Foundation or staying in touch?  Feel free to reach out to us by phone (254-710-3497) or by email (