Inclement Weather, Delay and Cancellation

The safety and wellbeing of all Bearathon participants is the top priority of the Bearathon organizers.  You may check here for the latest information about how severe weather or public health alerts are affecting the Bearathon. To receive updates, we encourage you to follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook

There may be times when we feel it is unsafe to proceed with the race. While we recognize the aspirations and commitment of those who have entered the race, we will make decisions about the race based on the participation population as a whole. Each runner should make his/her own personal decisions about the race conditions and determine if he/she is comfortable with the weather and course conditions in regard to his/her desire to participate.

Specifically, when weather, natural disasters, COVID-19, or other conditions present a danger to participants as a whole, we will maintain the right to cancel or adjust the race course. These conditions will be recognized as “an act of God” and will not result in the refunding of race entry fees or future race credits. The staging of a race results in substantial expense prior to the actual race itself. Thus, in the event of a forced cancellation of the event, it is very likely that the financial impact on the race would not be any different than if the race was held without compromise.

The Race Director, in his/her sole discretion, will make decisions regarding the delay or cancellation of the race. Although unlikely in March, the threat of a tornado, high heat or icy conditions could prompt the cancellation of the event for all participants. Severe thunderstorms with the possibility of lightning that are threatening the course may also result in delay or cancellation of the event for all participants.

The Bearathon is committed to the safety of all its participants and will not sacrifice the safety of anyone. Notifications about weather conditions, cancellations and other race information will be communicated through various media, including email, social media, race audio, and on-site announcer.

Severe Weather Preparedness

We are mindful each year of the possibilities of unanticipated severe weather threats.  We monitor weather patterns closely alongside local and campus officials to make decisions about the Bearathon that ensure, first and foremost, the safety of Bearathon runners, spectators, partners, and volunteers.  In the event of severe weather affecting the status of the Bearathon, we will communicate updates as quickly as possible according to race emergency action plans, including through email and Bearathon social media accounts. 

Shelter-In-Place Locations

In the event that inclement weather occurs, there are locations along the course specified for runners to shelter in place. An announcement will be made along the course and volunteers at the respective water stations will move runners to the nearest location on the route in the event that Shelter-In-Place protocol is enacted. Shelter in place locations are listed below in order of the route and are near each water station:

  • Mile Marker 1: Baylor Sciences Building
  • Mile Marker 2: McLane Stadium
  • Mile Marker 3: McLane Stadium
  • Mile Marker 4: Under Waco Drive Bridge
  • Mile Marker 5: Redwood Shelter & Rock Shelter (5)
  • Mile Marker 6: Pavilion at Circle Point
  • Mile Marker 7: Restrooms/Pavilion at Lovers Leap
  • Mile Marker 8: Pavilion at Circle Point
  • Mile Marker 9: Restrooms/Pavilion at Anniversary Park
  • Mile Marker 10: Pecan Bottom Park Pavilion and Restrooms
  • Mile Marker 11: Bledsoe Miller Community Center Pavilion and Restrooms
  • Mile Marker 12: Bledsoe Miller Community Center Pavilion and Restrooms
  • Mile Marker 13: McLane Stadium

Race Start Delay

How will we be notified if the race is delayed?  We will use all appropriate communication methods to ensure that you are informed about the race, including an announcement from the stage and Bearathon social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) so that your friends and family may be updated on race conditions.  If a severe weather delay occurs during the race, please abide by the instructions of Student Foundation members at your Aid Station so that appropriate measures can be taken to bring you to safety.  

How long can the race be delayed?  Due to several factors outside of our control, the latest the race can begin is 9:30 AM for half marathon runners and 9:45 AM for 6K Runners.  If we cannot start the race safely by that time, the race will be canceled. 

What about the prize money?  Prize money will not be provided unless a full race is conducted and all runners finish. 

Race Cancellation

How will I know if the race is canceled?  You will know as soon as we can provide that information publicly, but we suggest you keep an eye on your email and our Twitter account for the most direct information.  This webpage will also be updated with the most up-to-date information.

Are you planning to reschedule the race?  No, we do not plan to reschedule the race for 2019.

Will I get a refund?  No, consistent with our refund policy and inclement weather policy, you will not receive a refund for the race if canceled due to inclement weather, COVID-19, natural disaster, other acts of God, or any other reason deemed necessary by Baylor University.  Every effort will be made to not cancel the event.  However, we want to honor your hard work with a discount code that can be used for next year's race.  This policy is consistent with industry standards as we have made significant financial commitments to make the race possible.

Can I run the race on my own?  No, you are not permitted to run the race course on your own as a safe course depends on traffic management measures that will not be in place if the race is canceled.

What about the prize money?  Prize money will not be provided unless a full race is conducted and all runners finish.   

Do I still get a finisher shirt and medal?  Yes, all registered runners are welcome to get finisher shirts and the runners registered for the half marathon will be allowed to pick up a finisher medal.  You are welcome to come to pick up your finisher shirt and finisher medal (if appropriate) on the following dates, times and the select location listed below.  Please bring either your bib (if you already picked it up) or your confirmation email to verify your registration.

  • Saturday, March 19 - until 1:00 PM
    • Location: McLane Stadium Ticket Office - 1001 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
  • Sunday, March 20 - from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
    • Location: Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Center on Baylor's Campus - 1522 S. 5th Street
  • Monday, March 21 through Friday, March 27 - from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
    • Location: Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Center on Baylor's Campus - 1522 S. 5th Street