Campus Programs

By leading on one of the university’s three programming boards, you not only plan the events that define the Baylor experience, you create a legacy.

Apply and Create a Legacy

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What is Campus Programs?

Campus Programs is a major branch of the Department of Student Activities, and home to Baylor's three student-led programming boards. Each one has a slightly different focus, but they all serve the same mission: Plan the events that define the Baylor experience.

These are the groups that create Baylor's major events, such as Sundown Sessions, Sing, and Christmas on 5th Street.

Here, you'll create a legacy on campus by bringing these programs to life, and you will also create a legacy for yourself by gaining experience that is valuable to any future career.

The Boards

Applicants select the boards they want to interview for based on their interests and goals. Check out the sites below to meet each board and learn more about what they do.

Student Productions focuses on large-scale, on-stage productions like Sing and StompFest. 

Union Board is your source for weekly fun in the SUB. With programs like UBreak: our pop-up brunch bar, or Sundown Sessions: our vibrant Friday & Saturday late night/weekend programming model, there's always something fun going on.

Baylor Activities Council is our large-scale programming board, bringing monthly events that attract thousands, like FIJI Fright Nights, Howdy, ¡Fiesta!, and Christmas on 5th Street.

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