Student Involvement Center

Student Leaders, the Student Involvement Center is for YOU! This creative space opened in the Fall of 2018, and is a resource designed to support the student leaders of our 350+ student organizations. The SIC provides you: 


• Rent equipment – Students can reserve and pick up sound systems, pop-up tents, a popcorn machine, cash boxes, and/or tailgate games

• Printing – Student print publicity submissions such as flyers and handbills can be printed at no-cost to the student organization and picked up on-site after Student Activities approval

• Common Work Space – general work tables are located for general student organization work (print publicity, putting together training materials, etc.) in a more communal space

• Student Involvement Specialists – student employees are available to assist student leaders with Connect event requests, constitution reviews, and consultations for Connect portal management (; 254-710-4919). 


The SIC is located in the SUB near Common Grounds. Please feel welcome to visit the space as you pass through the SUB or visit Student Activities! For additional information, contact the Student Involvement Specialists at


Anticipated Fall 2022 Hours*

Monday: 9am - 7pm
Tuesday: 11am - 7pm
Wednesday: 9am - 4:30pm
Thursday: 11am - 2:15pm, 2:30pm - 7pm
Friday: 9am - 3:30pm, 4pm - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 7pm

*Hours might change with student availability. If you have a question about hours, please call ahead.

*Student Involvement Center will re-open in Fall 2022.