Spring 2019 Policy Updates

A number of policy revisions were implemented for the 2018 - 2019 academic year. These revisions are reflected online in the Student Organization Policies and Procedures Guide.

Additional policy revisions will take effect in the spring 2019 semester. More information will provided in the fall semester to student organization leaders and advisors regarding these policy updates prior to implementation. The spring 2019 policy updates will include the following:

Student Organization Classification Model (page 10)
A classification model will distinguish and support student organizations in accordance with their varying levels of complexity to the learning environment and operations of student involvement. Please refer to the Student Organization Classification Model addendum for additional information.

Advisors (page 16)
Sponsored organizations may utilize graduate apprentices/assistants to serve as secondary advisors provided the graduate apprentices/assistants have fully completed all undergraduate requirements, work within the university department for which the sponsored student organization maintains a formal relationship, and have fully completed all of the appropriate training as required by the Department of Student Activities.

The Role of an Advisor (page 16)
An Advisor Expectations Agreement Form will be included as an addendum to the policy guide for all student organization advisors to sign at the outset of their initial term of service that summarizes the advisor role and outlines expectations of and support of advisors in a manner consistent with current policy practice. The Department of Student Activities will verify all advisors' qualifications to serve in this capacity prior to conferring official advisor status for a student organization.

Debit and Credit Card Transactions (page 36)
Student organizations are responsible for their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the safeguarding of cardholder information when processing credit card transactions. Each organization’s officers and advisor(s) must acknowledge responsibility for compliance with this policy when requesting permission to transact business through the Solicitation Request form within the online Connect system.