2018 - 2019 New Policy Updates

A number of policy revisions were implemented for the 2018 - 2019 academic year. These revisions are reflected online in the Student Organization Policies and Procedures Guide.

Policy Revisions to take effect in the fall 2018 semester include the following:

Eligibility for Participation (page 14)
Requirements for all students wishing to participate in recruitment, rush, intake processes, new member processes, and/or to be initiated include:
  • Students must complete a minimum of 12 earned semester hours in residence at Baylor University
  • Having and maintaining a minimum current grade point average of 2.00
Advisor Presence (page 17)
Advisors are not required to attend off-campus Student Productions-performance rehearsals (Pigskin/Sing/After Dark) or off-campus community service activities.

Substitute Advisors (page 17)
Sport Club organizations, due to increased frequency of travel, may utilize graduate apprentices/assistants to serve as secondary advisors provided the graduate apprentices/assistants have fully completed all undergraduate requirements and work within Campus Recreation.

Student Organization Policy Violations Process - Preliminary Procedures (page 40)
Should new relevant information and/or evidence regarding a student organization allegation emerge during the organization’s reporting process, Student Activities will notify the organization appropriately.

Student Organization Policy Violations Process - Preliminary Procedures (page 41)
In the hearing letter, the student organization will be notified of previous, relevant incidents that speak to the nature of the current allegation.

Additional policy revisions will take effect in the spring 2019 semester.