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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Baylor Line?

The Baylor Line is the core of Baylor Spirit and Traditions as an organization composed entirely of new incoming students. The Line, established in 1970, represents the commitment of the entire Baylor Nation to support and cheer on our Bears. As the leaders of the Baylor spirit, all new students arrive early and stay until the singing of "That Good Old Baylor Line" after each home football game. All new students represent this great tradition by wearing a football jersey with the number of their graduation year and a nickname on the back. Prior to each home football game, the Line gathers at the south end of McLane Stadium and, led by the cheers of alumni and fans, runs onto the field and creates an enormous human tunnel to welcome the football team to McLane Stadium. After each player and coach has entered the stadium, The Line takes their seats in an exclusive Baylor Line section behind the opponent's bench to cheer on the Bears to victory.

Buy a jersey, run the Line, and join generations of Baylor students as the leaders of the Baylor spirit!

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Q:If I signed up for Baylor Line Camp: Home Edition, will I get a Baylor Line Jersey?

For new students entering Baylor in the Summer or Fall of 2020, there is a revised process for ordering and receiving your Baylor Line Jersey that will be separate from Baylor Line Camp. Order yours here!


Q: Where do I pick up my Baylor Line Jersey?

All students who have mailing addresses within the US will have their Jersey’s delivered to their home the first week of August. If your mailing address is international, you will pick up your Jersey the first week of classes in Waco.


Q: How much does a Baylor Line Jersey cost?

Students can order a Line Jersey Traditions Box for $65, shipping cost included. The Line Jersey Package includes a Line Jersey, traditions booklet, a Baylor Line shirt, a sunglasses, a face covering, a ticket to Independence, Texas, and access to tons of free food during football season.


Q: Do I have to pay anything more than the cost of the Jersey to be on the Baylor Line?

NO! The only thing a Baylor Line member needs to be in the Baylor Line is a Baylor Line Jersey!


Q: Can transfer students purchase a Baylor Line Jersey?

YES! The Baylor Line is a long-standing freshman tradition that dates back to 1970; however, new students who are not freshmen now have the opportunity to purchase a Jersey with their own graduation year on the back. Transfer students are encouraged to rush the field with all new students before the game and to take part in other traditions the Baylor Line has to offer.


Q: Can I still be in the Baylor Line if I don't purchase a Line Jersey?

In order to be in the Baylor Line, you MUST be wearing a Baylor Line Jersey as this is at the heart of the Baylor Line tradition.


Q: Can members of the Golden Wave Band run the Baylor Line?

Yes! All band members who have purchased a Baylor Line Jersey are allowed to participate in the Baylor Line their first year. After their pre-game performance, they will join the other members of the Baylor Line at the South end of the stadium to rush the field with their fellow classmates.


Q: Will COVID-19 impact running the Baylor Line?

We are committed to ensuring students are able to be part of the Baylor Line tradition while also ensuring safety of all participants. Additional procedures will be put in place to maintain health and wellness. As we know more about what precautions will be taken, we will continue to update our students and the Baylor family!