Academic Achievement

"After I joined my organization the spring semester of my freshman year, my sense of belonging completely changed. I now had more than just friends; I had a family who was there for me no matter what. I had people who genuinely cared about my well-being, praised me when I was successful, and comforted me when I experienced any trouble. My grades improved, I went outside of my comfort zone and took on leadership positions that I would have never expected an introverted person like myself to take, and I became genuinely happy for the first time while being away from home. These self-improvements have even led to more opportunities outside of Greek life on campus and in the professional world with internship offers from companies I would have never had the courage to approach before having the networking skills I gained in my organization. Overall, being a member of a Greek organization has shaped myself into a person I previously could have only dreamt to become in life."

– Morgan Bruce, Alpha Delta Pi