Baylor Family,


We are proud of our Greek community. In their experiences, our students are thriving as they exhibit exceptional academic performance, contribute significant service to our community, and form lasting friendships grounded in the principled values of Baylor University. The stories in the links above highlight how our Greek organizations, with over 3,500+ active members, are providing a distinctive pathway for the development of strong leadership and the nurturing of life-long connections.

We believe we can be a distinctive Greek community. Our mission as a university and as fraternal organizations guides us towards a higher calling to be the national leader in values-centered practices. Baylor is a place Where Lights Shine Bright and it is our hope that the Greek community will be the standard bearer across the country for leadership, service, academic excellence, spiritual development, and lasting community.

This is where we need you. We want the voices of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, families, and friends to help shape the future of our Greek community. This month we will provide opportunities for listening sessions, surveys, and connections with our leadership team for you to help us identify where our students are succeeding, possible avenues for improvement, and hopes for the future. Our collective voice, and commitment to a thriving Greek community, will ensure that next generation of Baylor Bears has the vision, support, and resources, to contribute to our rich legacy of Greek excellence.


Matt Burchett, Ph.D.
Director of Student Activities