Reservations for McCall Chapel

LOCATION: 825 Baylor Avenue, Waco, TX 76798; located in the Stacy Riddle Panhellenic Building


FEE: Free for recognized Baylor University student organizations

EQUIPMENT: CD player, iPod dock, microphone, and piano available for use. A/V. Absolutely no flame candles allowed under any circumstances.

BOOKING: The McCall Chapel in the Stacy Riddle Forum is available for reservation by any recognized/chartered student organization at Baylor University. To reserve the McCall Chapel for your event, please select Stacy Riddle Forum, and this location when filling out an Event Request Form on Baylor Connect


  • The maximum occupancy of the McCall Chapel is 125 people.
  • Absolutely no food/ drinks are allowed in the McCall Chapel or prayer room at any time.
  • Food and drink may be served in the entryway after receiving approval from the Stacy Riddle Forum Building Coordinator.
  • The Stacy Riddle Forum hours are 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.
  • The Stacy Riddle Forum is a smoke-free facility.
  • No pets are allowed in any part of the Stacy Riddle Forum.
  • No doors on the outside of the building may be propped open at any time, for any reason.
  • No glitter, hay, etc. will be used.
  • No painting will be done on any floor in the building.
  • Do not use tape, tacks, or nails of any kind on walls.
  • No red drinks (i.e. Big Red, fruit punch) are allowed in any public areas.
  • No space heaters may be used in any room. Curling irons and other heating appliances (i.e. popcorn machines, glue guns, etc.) may only be used in rooms with tile flooring (i.e. kitchens or bathrooms) and shall be unplugged promptly after use.
  • It is the responsibility of the group using the room to pick up any trash left in the room or entryway.
  • It is the responsibility of the group using the room to clean up after the event in its entirety.
  • Do not use tape, tacks, or nails of any kind on walls, furniture, carpet, or pews.
  • No candles may be used in any rooms of the Stacy Riddle Forum. (If wax is spilled anywhere in the facility, a fee will be assessed for removal.)
  • The chairs, couches, lectern, piano, and tables are not to be moved without prior approval from the Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum. (Any damage to the stage area as a result of moving these items without approval will result in a fee to repair the damage.)

If your event requires tables or chairs, please contact Facilities Services at (254) 710-1361 with these requests, allowing for advance notice.


If any groups use of the McCall Chapel, prayer room, or entryway results in a violation of any of the above guidelines, a fee will be assessed to repair any damage, the group may relinquish privileges to use the facility for the remainder of the semester, and/or a deposit may be required for any following events held in the Chapel.