Starting an Organization

Each academic year, Baylor University and the Department of Student Activities recognizes an average of over fifteen new student organizations.

Interested in starting a new student organization at Baylor?  Here is how to get started today!

Step 1 – Meet with Student Activities

Contact Student Activities  to arrange a meeting to discuss your proposed organization.

Step 2 – Review Student Activities Policies

Review our Student Organization Policies & Procedures to familiarize yourself with the requirements and guidelines for student organizations.

Step 3 – Identify Organization Advisors

Enlist at least one full-time faculty or staff member as an advisor for your organization.

Step 4 – Complete Application

Fill out the Application for Student Organization Charter on Connect 

Fall Priority Deadline - Friday, September 24th

Fall Final Deadline - Friday, October 29th
Please note that applications submitted after the final semester deadline will not be reviewed until the following semester.

Step 5 – Attend a Chartering Bootcamp

Complete the final step of the process by attending a Chartering Bootcamp upon invitation from the Department of Student Activities.


Once student leaders complete these steps and receive approval from Baylor University for the requested charter they may begin operating and meeting.