Academic Eligibility



According to Baylor policy, a student must have completed 12 Baylor hours and obtain a 2.67 cumulative GPA to join a fraternity or sorority. However, many organizations require all potential new members to have a higher GPA to join their individual chapter. Grades are NOT rounded up in determining eligibility.



A student is classifed as a transfer if they have attended a college, university or junior college during a fall or spring semester AFTER high school graduation. If the only college work completed is dual credit or advanced placment hours, they are NOT considered a transfer student. Transfer grades do NOT apply to the Baylor GPA. In order to join during their first semester (spring '16), a transfer student must have completed a minimum of 24 transfer hours (does NOT include dual credit or advanced placement) with a transfer GPA of a 3.0. Grades are NOT rounded up in determining eligibility.


Baylor@MCC Students

Baylor@MCC students may not participate in student organizations requiring a new member education or pledge program until becoming academically eligible as a resident, full-time Baylor student. They are not eligible to join a social fraternity or sorority at Baylor until they are full-time Baylor students and have met the Univeristy grade and hours requirements.