Alumnae Panhellenics



Many areas in Texas and other states have Alumnae Panhellenic Associations. These associations serve to educate young women regarding the recruitment process, and often hold informational meetings in the spring. Many Alumnae Panhellenics have websites where you can register to let the local alumnae know you are interested in recruitment.

Baylor Panhellenic and the Alumnae Panhellenic Associations are completely separate entities. By registering with your hometown Panhellenic you are not guaranteed that recommendations will be sent in on your behalf, nor does it take place of registering with Baylor Panhellenic for recruitment in the Fall.



Alumnae/Area/Hometown Panhellenics: These groups are community based organizations, affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference, whose membership is composed of representative alumnae from NPC member group fraternities. These groups promote the philanthropic efforts of member organizations, promote the advantages of sorority membership, and host educational/informational sessions to promote Greek Life to women who are going to be attending a college or university.

These educational/informational meetings are held at the discretion of the individual Alumnae Panhellenic, but usually take place in the spring of the year. The purpose of these meetings will inform a woman of the opportunities for Greek Life at various universities. A form will be distributed to complete and return to a designated person on that Alumna Panhellenic. This form will be made available to the sorority alumnae groups in that area by the Alumnae Panhellenic.

The Alumnae Panhellenic does not guarantee that by completing the form, recommendations will be written on a woman's behalf or that a woman will be invited to particular parties during formal recruitment. This form only serves to alert the alumnae in that area that a woman has registered with the Alumnae Panhellenic and have indicated they will be participating in formal recruitment at a particular university. It is then up to an individual sorority alumnae organization to follow-up with a potential member if they need any more information in addition to what is listed on the form.