IFC & Local Fraternity Recruitment

IFC & Local Fraternity Recruitment 

Fraternity recruitment is held twice a year, at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. The fall semester is reserved for upperclassmen and transfer students (with at least 12 Baylor credit hours at a 2.67 cumulative GPA or 24 transfer hours from an institution of higher education at a 3.0 cumulative GPA). Freshman students are eligible to receive a bid in the Spring when they meet these requirements. The deadline to register for recruitment is February 3rd.

Spring 2021 Recruitment is here!

Registration will open on January 11th for potential new members. There are three steps to be fully registered for the process. 

Step1: Complete EDG in Connect
Step 2: Register through ICS
Step 3: Pay the registration fee


Important Dates:
January 20, 2021, 6 PM - IFC Executive Meet and Greet - Join the IFC Leadership on zoom as they discuss the many benefits of joining a fraternity. This will be a time to get general questions answered and learn about the modified recruitment process. 


January 27/28, 2021 - Individual Chapter zoom Calls - In light of the COVID - 19 pandemic we are offering a chance for students to get to know individual chapters via zoom. In the zoom, students can expect to interact with current chapter members in various activities. 

Wednesday, January 27 
5:30 PM Delta Tau Delta Zoom Link delt
6:00 PM Pi Kappa Phi Zoom Link 2xJPst
6:30 PM Kappa Omega Tau Zoom Link 705833
7:00 PM Tau Kappa Epsilon Zoom Link 999887
7:30 PM Alpha Tau Omega Zoom Link Wagner00
8:30 PM BYX Zoom Link 095136


Thursday, January 28
5:30 PM Sigma Chi Zoom Link SigmaChi21
6:00 PM Kappa Sigma Zoom Link KE
6:30 PM Beta Theta Pi Zoom Link Beta1839
7:00 PM Sigma Alpha Epsilon Zoom Link SAE2021
7:30 PM Sigma Phi Epsilon Zoom Link 447331
8:00 PM Phi Kappa Chi Zoom Link 2021
8:30 PM Kappa Alpha Zoom Link BaylorIFC


February 3, 2021 - Registration closes.

MANDATORY EDG (Effectively Developing Greeks) 

Previously, Effectively Developing Greeks was an in-person education module for all individuals going through the recruitment process. This module is now available online and may be completed any time during the recruitment process as long as the module is completed by the registration deadline of February 3rd. This education module is MANDATORY for anyone going through the recruitment process. In order to access EDG, you will need to log into Connect just as you log into your email. 

EDG Link


(If you have questions please e-mail Vincent Phillips at Vincent_Phillips@baylor.edu)

ICS Registration 

The second step to successfully registering for recruitment is to complete the ICS form. This allows your information to be captured and your completion status to be tracked. This also allows for your eligibility status to be shared with your desired organization. You will receive emails on your status accordingly. At the end of the form, you will be taken to the payment link. 

ICS Link

Appeal Process

Students who do not meet the academic and/or credit hours requirement have the option to appeal to the Department of Student Activities. All appeals will be reviewed and responded to before bid day. The link to appeal is located below. The last day to appeal is February 3rd. Appeals submitted after February 3rd will not be accepted. In order to access the Appeal form you must be logged into Connect.

Link to Appeal

Bid Day

Bid day is the official end of the recruitment process. This special time gives fraternity chapters a chance to celebrate and extend bids to eligible young men. Bids will be extended to eligible individuals on February 10th. 


**Please note that bids are not guaranteed.  So, you are strongly encouraged to meet as many chapter members as you can, including the entire recruitment process, as well as keeping an open mind.**


Contact the IFC VP of recruitment, Tim Wang, or the Department of Student Activities at 254-710-2371 for questions about Fraternity Recruitment.



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