Philosophies and Strategies

As an extension of Campus Programs, the Office of Student Productions has adopted the five strategies/philosophies of Campus Programs to achieve our purposes and produce specific outcomes. Those strategies are:

Create Experiences

We do not plan events, we program to create experiences. Our programs are designed to engage and senses and mind at every level. It is our hope that through participation in various campus programs, students create memories, discover new things about themselves, and experience culture rather than simply being a passive participant.

Program for the Minority

Our programs engage the entire campus community, not just the majority student. We believe that the number of students with a common interest does not reflect that interest's inherent value. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of programs not just those which we feel will attract the greatest number of participants.

Program for 365 Days of the Year

Programming is a year-round process. During the summer months, Baylor is home to a student body of 2000+ individuals. It is as important to be engaging our students' interests during the summer months as it is during the regular academic year. We recognize however, that our summer student body has unique needs. We seek to program in a way that supports those needs.


Our programs are intentionally provocative. We desire to encourage students to confront new ideas. By presenting students with issues they may not have considered before, they learn more about who they are as an individual. One of our highest goals is to provoke students to think.

Create Partnerships to Expand Reach and Impact

In order to encourage student participation and support for Campus Programs, we actively seek partnerships with student organizations/communities for many of our programs. When entering a partnership, the student organizations/communities agree to contribute their time, resources, and talents to the planning and completion of the event. These partnerships empower students by giving them campus recognition and the skills necessary to create additional programs. To further enhance its programming efforts, the office also seeks partnerships and collaborations with departments, various divisions, and Waco community members.

All programs planned or sponsored by The Office of Student Productions are consistent with University policies and guidelines and supportive of its Christian mission.