Packet Pick-Up Information

Packet Pick Up:

Bib Pick-Up will be held on Friday, March 22 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the McLane Stadium Ticket Office.  You will pick up your bib at the Ticket Office and then pick up your swag bag as well next door at Bruiser's Locker Room.  We strongly encourage you to pick up your bib the day before the race to help ensure all race day activities will start on time race day morning.  

However, if runners are not available at this time, bibs may be picked up on Saturday, March 23 beginning at 6:00 a.m. at the McLane Stadium Ticket Office.



Baylor University and its great McLane Stadium is located in Waco, Texas, directly off Interstate 35 (I-35). Parking will be at the stadium site lots in either Parking Lots 2 or 3.  Note: Parking Lot A will not be accessible to runners or spectators.  

Please feel free to use the website, to assess your best route to the start and finishing point of the Bearathon.


Inclement Weather:

There may be times when we feel it is unsafe to proceed with the race. While we recognize the aspirations and commitment of those who have entered the race, we will make decisions about the race based on the participation population as a whole. Each runner should make his/her own personal decisions about the race conditions and determine if he/she is comfortable with the weather and course conditions in regard to his/her desire to participate.

Specifically, when weather or other physical conditions present a danger to participants as a whole, we will maintain the right to cancel or adjust the race course. These conditions will be recognized as "an act of God" and will not result in the refunding of race entry fees or future race credits. The staging of a race results in substantial expense prior to the actual race itself. Thus, in the event of a forced cancellation of the event, it is very likely that the financial impact on the race would not be any different than if the race was held without compromise.

The Race Director, in his/her sole discretion, will make decisions regarding the cancellation of the race. Although unlikely in March, the threat of a tornado, high heat or icy conditions could prompt the cancellation of the event for all participants. Severe thunderstorms with the threat of lightning that are threatening the course may also result in cancellation of the event for all participants.

The Bearathon is committed to the safety of all its participants and will not sacrifice the safety of anyone. Notifications about weather conditions, cancellations and other race information will be communicated through various media, including emails, social media, race audio, and on-site announcer.


Racing Green:

We are encouraging runners to run cup-free this year! Every runner knows that hydration is important during a race. And since sustaining the environment by reducing waste also is important, races across the country are going green. Eager to do our part, Student Foundation is encouraging all runners to bring their own hydration method and partake in cup-free racing. (Note: Water stations will still be made available for runners at every mile marker.)