53 Years of Service to Baylor's past, present, and future...

Since 1969, Student Foundation has stood as Baylor's steward of service, leadership, and generosity.
Rising juniors and seniors interested in joining the next generation of Student Foundation membership are encouraged to apply.  New Member Applications for Student Foundation will be available in the spring semester.
Interested in Student Foundation and want to know more? Join us during our Interest Meetings (held every spring) or contact us at StudentFoundation@baylor.edu.

What is Student Foundation?

Serving Baylor's past, present and future.

Since its inception in 1969, Student Foundation's mission has been to serve Baylor University and the student body by building community-minded servants and leaders in its membership and entrusting them with the responsibility of accomplishing the tasks of recruiting qualified students, raising scholarship funds and building goodwill among alumni and students. We execute this mission by equipping our members to partner with departments across campus to recruit incoming classes, raise scholarship funds, plan major campus events, and support other major university initiatives that contribute to Baylor experience.

If you have enjoyed eating with your friends at All-University Thanksgiving or have run in the annual Bearathon, you’ve enjoyed some of the work of our members. Student Foundation also works to raise and distribute scholarships to Baylor students each year and assists in recruiting new students to the Baylor family.

What does it mean to wear the stripes?

53 years of history, now entrusted to you.

When students don the green-and-white striped jersey, they put on much more than a shirt. The Student Foundation jersey stands for a passion for Baylor and a legacy of service.  Through opportunities to lead, serve, and give, the select group of students wearing the green-and-white striped jersey of Student Foundation take their place among Baylor's greatest advocates.

Application Process

Take your impact on campus further.

Rising juniors and seniors who are interested in joining Student Foundation can begin the process by completing the application form. Once your application is received and reviewed, select applicants will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview. 

Once in-person interviews are completed, new Student Foundation members will be selected.  Factors considered when selecting new members include prior contributions to Baylor, current involvement in the Baylor community, leadership experience, service experience, and the ability of the applicant to commit to the mission of Student Foundation.

Selected applicants will be notified in-person by a current Student Foundation member.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member of Student Foundation is a commitment. Here's what you can expect.


Who are the members of Student Foundation? 

Student Foundation is comprised of approximately 100 junior and senior students.  An effort is made to split the membership evenly between men and women.


How do I know if I am eligible for membership?

Student Foundation members must be in their junior or senior year and must have completed at least one semester at Baylor University.  Members must also maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

If you will be a junior or a senior in the 2023-2024 academic year, you are able to apply for membership.

Members must be full time students enrolled at Baylor. The fulltime student status is waived for seniors in their final semester. 


How is Student Foundation organized?

Student Foundation is comprised of four committees:  Campus Promotions (CP), Alumni Relations (AR), Student Recruitment (SR), and Member Engagement (ME).  Each of these committees are led by two committee co-chairs.  These co-chairs also serve on the Student Foundation Steering Committee, led by our co-presidents.

The Campus Promotions committee is responsible for organizing and executing Student Foundation-sponsored events in collaboration with our campus and community partners.  Some of these events include All-University Thanksgiving and the Bearathon.

The Alumni Relations committee is responsible for maintaining relationships with key Baylor alumni and cultivating financial support for the university by visiting with donors, supporting the Advancement department’s events, and calling alumni to inquire about giving.

The Student Recruitment committee is responsible for visiting with prospective students at college fairs and other special events, such as Sicemology and the Dr. Pepper Hour Truck tour.  In the spring, the Student Recruitment committee members are available for lunch appointments where they meet with prospective Baylor students and their families on campus to tell them about their experience at Baylor and answer any questions they may have.

The Member Engagement committee oversees the internal operations of Student Foundation.  Member Engagement focuses its work on community building through social events and planning Student Foundation milestone events such as New Member Revelation and Senior Sendoff.  Member Engagement committee members are responsible for marketing all Student Foundation events and capturing the behind-the-scenes work of our organization in way that appeals to potential new members. Other responsibilities include caring for the Ed Crenshaw Center (our home), recruiting new members, and caring for the spiritual needs of the organization.


What time commitments can I expect as a member of Student Foundation?

Becoming a member of Student Foundation is a commitment of your time, your talents, and your love for Baylor to support our mission.   Each year, members collectively work thousands of hours to support Baylor students and the larger Baylor community.

Regular time commitments include a weekly meeting (typically Sunday evening at 9pm) and periodic training sessions specific to each committee and/or event.  Prospective members should carefully consider their commitments before applying to ensure they have the available time to successfully participate in Student Foundation.  Members are also expected to attend two social activities organized by the organization each semester as well as assisting guests as a Fan Ambassador at a select number of home football games.

When planning and preparing for our larger events, members are required to complete at least one “office hour”, usually in the weeks leading up to the event.  Members are also required to be present at all Student Foundation events and assist in setting up, executing the event, and tearing down as necessary.


What are the benefits of joining Student Foundation?

Each member of Student Foundation would answer this question differently, and we encourage you to reach out to one of our members to ask them!  However, some benefits you can expect as a member of Student Foundation include:

  • Being part of a caring, generous community of fellow students passionate about serving Baylor’s students and the larger Baylor community
  • Opportunities to explore and expand your teamwork, networking and leadership skills
  • Opportunities for unique access to the university and interactions with Baylor alumni and prospective students
  • Assisting in raising funds and distributing scholarships to Baylor students
  • Unique résumé-building leadership opportunities that impact the university
  • Becoming part of a 53-year-old legacy of service-oriented student leaders that has left an indelible mark on Baylor University

Want to learn more?

Check out an interest meeting!

Attending an interest meeting is a great way to learn more about Student Foundation and visit with current members.  Our interest meetings are held in the spring.

Meet with a current member or ask further questions.

If you have any questions or if you'd like to set up some time to meet individually with a current Student Foundation member, please call us at (254) 710-3497 or e-mail StudentFoundation@baylor.edu