The Student Foundation membership applications are now open!  Be sure to fill it out before the deadline of Sunday, April 7!

New Member Application

For more information about Student Foundation, join us for our interest meetings.  Find out more by following us on Twitter and Instagram @BUStuFu.

We will host a Interest Meeting on Sunday, March 31 at 3:30 PM and a Mixer on Wednesday, April 3 at 7:00 PM - both of which will be held in the Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Center.

To apply for membership in Student Foundation, prospective candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required. Members of the Student Recruitment committee must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Applicants must have completed at least one semester at Baylor during the previous 9-month school year.
  • Only Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply.
General Information
  • Upon joining Student Foundation members are assigned to one of three committees: alumni relations, campus promotions, and student recruitment.  However, all Student Foundation members contribute to all of the group's activities.
  • Annual dues for Student Foundation returning members are $115 and dues for new members are $125.
  • StuFu meetings are held weekly on Sundays @ 9 p.m. at the Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Center.
  • You have one StuFu Office Hour which is one hour every other week (office work, answering phones, giving tours, selling T-shirts for SF events, volunteering to serve at special events, etc.)
  • There are numerous opportunities to serve as a chair for a specific element of Student Foundation's work such as chaplain, service chair, scholarship banquet chair, social chair, intramural chair, social media chair, and other positions specific to each committee.
Alumni Relations

Travel across Texas, network with influential Baylor alumni and help your fellow students! Do you love talking to alumni and friends of Baylor? The Alumni Relations Committee raises scholarships for Baylor students. Committee members travel in two-person teams, soliciting scholarship funds from alumni, friends of the University, previous donors and new prospects. These students enjoy watching their efforts and goals become a reality as the donors and recipients come together for a scholarship banquet in the spring. Each committee member is expected to take at least 3 trips per semester. Alumni Relations members are required to attend a training session.

Campus Promotions

Plan events, solicit sponsorships and market Student Foundation! Campus Promotions directs its efforts toward developing leadership and involvement on Baylor's campus. This committee organizes and directs special events in the fall and spring by designing billboards, banners, flyers, slide shows and T-shirts and also secures sponsorships and prizes from local businesses. Our calendar includes Freshman Follies and our annual fundraising event--Bearathon. Campus Promotions members are required to attend a training session.

Student Recruitment

Students recruiting prospective Baylor students!

Working in conjunction with the Office of Admission Services, Student Recruitment committee members attend high school college nights and spring senior receptions across Texas as Baylor's representatives. Each committee member is expected to take approximately 2 trips during the fall and 2 trips during the spring. Student Recruitment members are required to attend training sessions with the Office of Admission Services.

A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required to serve on this committee.

For more information on what these three committees have accomplished, visit our "Committees" page.