Director's Note

Dear Student Foundation Alumni and Friends,

It is my distinct honor and pleasure to serve as the Troy and Betty Mays Director of Student Foundation at Baylor University. As a Baylor alumnus, I hold a deep and abiding love for Baylor University. While I was not a member of Student Foundation as an undergraduate, I took advantage of other meaningful leadership opportunities. Student scholarships have long been on my mind and heart, especially as a student who relied on the generosity of the University’s alumni and friends. I am inspired each day by the tremendous impact Student Foundation had and will continue to have on the University and our students.

I take great pride in what I believe to be the most important duty of the Troy and Betty Mays Director of Student Foundation: to prepare these outstanding student leaders for the lives ahead of them. Each year, these students face peaks and valleys in their personal, academic, and professional lives. I view it as my solemn responsibility and high honor to walk alongside these students and support their personal development in all aspects of their student leadership journeys.

To this day, Student Foundation seeks to fulfill its founding mission: to serve Baylor and her students by “building community-minded servants and leaders” and entrusting these student leaders with the responsibility of recruiting qualified students, providing robust campus programs, build goodwill among Baylor alumni and friends, and ultimately raising funds for student scholarships. It is a deeply-held duty that we take seriously in each day of our work.

To that end, in 2016, Student Foundation provided $270,000 worth of financial assistance to 95 Baylor students. One of our scholarship recipients shares his gratitude for this scholarship: “[It] has been a huge blessing to me personally and to my family, just taking that financial burden off of us so that I could focus on other things like studies, being involved in my church, being involved in the Baylor community, without having to worry about where that money is going to be coming from.” We give thanks and praise to our alumni and friends who give so generously to support our most deserving students in the greatest need.

Thank you for joining Student Foundation in fulfilling its mission of serving future, current, and former Baylor students.

Sic 'Em Bears and Stripe Up!

Jordan M. Hannah, BA '10

Troy and Betty Mays Director of Student Foundation