History & Mission


The purpose of Student Foundation is to serve Baylor University and the student body by building community-minded servants and leaders in its membership and entrusting them with the responsibility of accomplishing the tasks of recruiting qualified students, raising scholarship funds and building goodwill among alumni and students.


In 1969, thirteen junior men and women were notified by Baylor President Abner V. McCall that they had been selected to serve as charter members of the Baylor University Student Foundation Steering Committee. These students were the beginning of a new organization with a novel goal: students serving students.

Since then, Student Foundation members have enjoyed many opportunities by:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the University and his/her role in its growth and success;
  • Discovering, developing and promoting leadership skills; and
  • Serving the University in a variety of capacities, planting the seed for these students to continue their commitment to service and to Baylor long after graduation.

Today, thousands of Baylor alumni are proud to have worn the green-and-white striped Student Foundation jersey. These alumni were Baylor's best student representatives and they remain committed to advancing their beloved alma mater.