Local Organizations

Baylor is also home to several Greek organizations that are unique to Baylor University. At one time, all of Baylor's Greek organizations existed as "local social clubs." Today a number of Greek organizations have chosen to remain local. Baylor's Local Greeks are not members of a governing council. These organizations are unique in their missions - to serve Baylor University. They are similar to other Greek organizations with their emphasis on scholarship, service to others, leadership and friendship.

How to Join: Engage with our local and independent fraternities and sororities through Connect to discover events and information sessions they hold throughout the year. 



Kappa Chi Alpha (Sorority)
Nickname: KXA
Local Founding: Baylor University, 1990
Colors: Forest Green, Burgundy, Ivory
*Visit Kappa Chi Alpha's Website.

Status: Active


KOT Crest

Kappa Omega Tau (Fraternity)
Nickname: KOT
Local Founding: Baylor University, 1960
Colors: Navy Blue and White
*Visit Kappa Omega Tau's Website.

Status: Active


Phi Chi Crest

Phi Kappa Chi (Fraternity)
Nickname: Phi Chi
Local Founding: Baylor University, 1988
Colors: Navy Blue, Green, and White
*Visit Phi Kappa Chi's Website.

Status: Active