The Baylor University Greek Community is dedicated to building future leaders of society by providing substantive leadership opportunities. Membership in a Greek organization is one of the most outstanding means of discovering and refining your leadership potential. Within each chapter, members have a chance to assume a wide variety of leadership roles ranging from treasurer, recruitment chair, intramural chair, or even president.


As a member in the Greek community you will be encouraged to become involved in campus activities. Each chapter provides resources for members to develop as leaders through educational programming in time management, leadership and communication. Because Greek members gain experience through delegating responsibility, motivating members, and communicating effectively, many serve as leaders in an array of campus organizations from Student Government and Freshman Leadership Organization to Campus Crusade for Christ and Student Foundation. These organizations and many others provide a large number of opportunities that await those ready and willing to take the initiative.


Greeks make up only 2% of the national population BUT:

  • 48% of all U.S. Presidents have been Greek
  • 70% of all U.S. Congressmen/women are Greek
  • Greeks raise over $7 million each year for charities
  • 40% of all U.S. Supreme Court Justices have been Greek
  • 43 of the 50 Largest North American Corporations are headed by Greek Men and Women
  • 68% of doctors and 72% of lawyers nationally belong to a fraternity or sorority