Sing Judging

The number of judges selected for the judged performances of All-University Sing each year will be 12 - 16.

In selecting judges, every effort will be made to secure a group that evenly represents the following four areas:

  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Campus Life / Student Affairs Administration

Judging of All-University Sing is based on the following criteria:
30 points   Entertainment
  An overall estimation of the act. Audience response and the general showmanship of performers are two major contributing factors in this category.

20 points   Musical
  Music rendered by participating group members and not intended to reflect through scores the performances offered by the professionals in the pit band. This category is included to evaluate the quality of singing done by soloists, ensembles, and large groups.

20 points   Choreography   Any movement, whether dance or otherwise, designed to enhance the presentation.

15 points   Creativity   Costuming, backdrops, props, special effects, and lighting design.

15 points   Theme Development   Measurement of how well the group conveyed the stated theme to the audience and how well supporting elements (such as lights, dance, song selection, set design, and costumes) assisted.

In determining the final score attained by each group, the high and low scores will be dropped, leaving a maximum point total of 1400. Then, any penalties are deducted, and that score is divided by the total number of judges participating.

On the final night of judging, score sheets will be collected after each act and will be tallied during the performance by the Director of Student Activities and at least one member of the Sing Procedures Committee, or a University representative acting on behalf of and with permission from the Sing Procedures Committee.

When the results have been established, they will be sealed in an envelope and delivered to the Assistant Director of Campus Programs for announcement.