1. Where is the best place to park?
The closest parking is on James Street and in the parking lot next to Waco Hall and 7th and James Baptist Church. Spaces are limited in these areas, so it's best to arrive early. Parking is also available in the Speight Parking Garage located at the intersection of Speight and 4th Street. It is about a 5-minute walk to Waco Hall. Parking is free in all these areas.

2. How can I purchase tickets?
Tickets to the events in Waco Hall can be purchased at www.baylor.edu/tickets. Additional ticketing information can be found in the event listing in the event calendar.

3. What is your policy on tickets for children?
Please note that this policy may vary. Please ask this question when ordering tickets. Children two (2) years of age and under usually do not need a ticket and are allowed to sit on their parent/guardian's lap during the performance. If the child cries or is disruptive to other audience members, the child and parent/guardian may be asked to leave the seating area. There are no refunds. All persons above age two (2) must have a ticket to enter the auditorium seating area. Tickets purchased for children must be in the same seating area as, and adjacent to, the parent/guardian.

4. Can I choose my exact seat location?
Yes, you can request a seat area online, by phone or in person, and the ticket agent will do his/her best to accommodate your need.

5. I am in a wheelchair or have trouble walking long distances, can you tell me the best way to attend an event at Waco Hall?
Please see the Accessibility section under the Vistor Information.

6. To whom may I direct a concern?
If you have a concern while at a performance, please contact an usher or house manager for assistance. If you would like to speak to someone during regular business office hours, call Waco Hall at (254) 710-2910. You can also send your inquiry/comments to wacohall@baylor.edu.

7. What is the street address for Waco Hall?
The street address for Waco Hall is 624 Speight. The mailing address for Waco Hall is One Bear Place #97123, Waco, Texas 76798. Please note: When sending a package by courier, please notify the staff at Waco Hall so that they are aware of an arriving package.

8. Whom do I contact for Lost and Found?
Report any lost items to the Waco Hall Staff at (254) 710-2910.

9. Is there a dress code for performances?
No, there is no set dress code at Waco Hall. In keeping with Waco dress preferences, most patrons prefer dressy casual. It's not uncommon to see patrons in suits or jeans.

10. Do you serve food and drinks at Waco Hall?
Yes, concessions are usually sold at performances in Waco Hall. However, food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium.

11. Where do I get information on renting Waco Hall for an event or performance?
Go to the "Booking Policies" section in this web site.