Lobby Booking Policies

  1. To inquire about the availability of the Waco Hall lobby, please fill out the Waco Hall Lobby Use Reservation Request Form.

    • Reservation requests may not be submitted more than one (1) calendar year in advance or less than 2 months prior to the desired event date. Requests cannot be approved until the official university academic calendars are released for a given year.
    • All dates will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis based on the availability of the lobby.

    After review and approval of the request, the reservation will be held as tentative.

    The user must return a signed copy of the Lobby Use Policy Agreement Form.

  2. Tentative reservations will need to be confirmed within 30 days of the event approval. A date that is requested within 60 days of the event may be approved at the discretion of the Waco Hall Director or his representative. Tentative holds on dates requested within 60 days of the event date will be held only 5 business days.

    • A "release" date will be given when the reservation request is approved and the date becomes tentative.
    • If a tentative reservation is not finalized within the stated time period, the dates will be released.

  3. Anyone who does not have a confirmed lobby use reservation may be asked to leave the premises. Cleanup charges may apply.