Building Guidelines

The following are general building guidelines and procedures for the Bill Daniel Student Center which are to be followed by all guests of the building. Student and professional staff of the Student Union are responsible for the enforcement of these guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the property and facilities of the BDSC are used safely and responsibly for the educational, cultural, spiritual, and social benefit of the Baylor community.


The University standards of conduct apply to anyone in the Bill Daniel Student Center. Any person engaging in inappropriate conduct or language,disrupting performances, or creating disturbances at events will be asked to leave the premises and/or will be escorted from the building by Baylor DPS.

Events requiring amplified sound must not disturb other events within the BDSC or other academic buildings, [i.e.: concerts in the SUB Bowl]. Should the event cause a disturbance, Student Union staff will contact the event sponsor to indicate when volume and/or other bothersome issues need to be adjusted. Any group who does not respect and comply with these requests will be asked to leave the building.

If an event requires security, the group reserving the venue must submit the proper paperwork to Baylor DPS, 254.710.2222, who will confirm and provide appropriate personnel. Groups are responsible for any fee required by Baylor DPS. After submission of Baylor DPS paperwork, a copy of the Baylor DPS agreement must be submitted to the Coordinator of Student Union Events. 


• Due to fire safety regulations, candles, open flames, etc. are not allowed in the BDSC.
• All decorations must be pre-approved by the Coordinator of Student Union for Events. The use of tape, tacks, nails, and staples will deteriorate and/or damage walls, floors, windows, doors, ceiling, mirrors, and paintings--therefore they are not allowed in the BDSC. Arrangements must be made with the Coordinator of Student Union Events about methods for putting up/hanging of objects/and taking down of any decorations before the event takes place.
• The use of flammable materials, such as straw, hay, and evergreens is prohibited.
• Painting is not allowed in any room.
• No crepe paper, tissue paper, paper ribbon, glitter, or confetti may be used.
• Nothing may be placed on chandeliers.
• Paintings, framed prints, artifacts and furniture are not to be moved from the walls or rooms.
• Aerosols are not allowed [i.e., no spray glue, spray paint, etc].
• Lightweight banners may be displayed in archways of Barfield Drawing Room using wooden rods [6\'11" width] between the arches which are available from the reservations office. Organizations may rent special piping/draping thru Action Rentals to fit dimensions of [10\' width] between the arches.
• Banners outside the BDSC are allowed only if ordered through the Baylor Chamber of Commerce, located on 1st floor BDSC, 254.710.3322.
• Nothing is to be placed on any of the grand pianos in any room.
• Drinking cups should only be placed on tables that have tablecloth protection to reduce risk of drinks leaving rings on the furniture.


Planned group photo session within the building

• All photography/composites for student organizations must be approved by the Department of Student Activities through Baylor Connect before approval is requested from the Coordinator of Student Union for Events.

• The approved Event Application for the photography/composites must be submitted to the Coordinator of Student Union for Events, through Baylor Connect for Student Organizations or through the BU Department Reservation Request of Departments before a space for the photographer will be arranged.

Approval of a photographer by Student Activities does not guarantee space in the Bill Daniel Student Center. Final approval is made by the Coordinator of Student Union Events and is subject to availability and event activities scheduled in the building each day.