Who can participate in NCAA Tournament travel?

  • Only current Baylor students are eligible to purchase the NCAA Tournament travel package and participate in the NCCA Tournament travel experience.

Will we be staying overnight?

  • All students, staff advisors, and trip organizers will be returning to Waco after the 2:10pm Creighton vs. Louisiana-Lafayette game.

What is including in the travel package?

  • The student travel package includes round trip charter bus transportation to and from San Antonio, TX and one single game ticket to Round 2 Session 1.

What games may I attend with the single game ticket to Round 2 Session 1?

  • Round 2 Session 1 games are the 11:40am Baylor v. Nebraska game and the 2:10pm Creighton v. Louisiana-Lafayette.

Can I choose to not return with the group on the bus and stay behind in Arizona?

  • No, as stated in travel package expectations: Students are expected to fully participate in this experience, including travel to and from San Antonio, Texas. Students who do not fully participate will be charged the full value of the package ($120).

Do I have an assigned seat on the bus to/from San Antonio?

  • Bus seats are not assigned. Students may choose their bus and seat at check-in. Students will be asked to remain on the same bus throughout the travel experience.