Game Day Procedures


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  • 6 hours to kick-off: Student Tailgating Area opens
  • 3 hours to kick-off: No vehicle access to Allison Practice Facility
  • 2 hours to kick-off: Utility vehicle assistance stops
  • 30 minutes to kick-off: Student Organization Tailgating Area closes

  • All items are to be removed from the Student Tailgating Area no later than 1.5 hours following the conclusion of the game.


  • Student organizations with a reserved tailgating location will provide a primary and secondary contact for all student leaders involved with facilitating the tailgate experience.
  • If the primary contact will not be present at the tailgate, please provide the substitute contact’s information.


  • Organizations may begin arriving to the Allison Practice Facility lot no earlier than
    6 hours to kick-off.
  • All vehicles entering for load-in must have a permit.
  • Parking passes will be distributed weekly.
  • Tailgate contacts will pick up permits from the Department of Student Activities
    beginning Tuesday the week of each home game.
  • Parking is available for one vehicle per organization in the Allison Practice Facility lot.
  • Permits are to be displayed at all times.
  • Vehicles parked in Allison Practice Facility without the displayed permit will be towed
    at owner’s expense.


  • Utility vehicles are available for movement of large tailgate supplies (i.e. grills, seating,
    tents) for 3 hours.
  • There will be an option for student organizations to opt into a load out process after the tailgate area closes.
  • Student Organization Tailgating staff may review items entering the tailgating location
    including, but not limited to, coolers, large containers, bins, and boxes prior to entering
    the facility.
  • Organizations must have representatives at the loading space as well as the tailgate space.
  • Vehicles are not permitted in the Highers Complex fields or the Student Organization
    Tailgating Area.
  • Delineating perimeters, "staking grounds," for tailgate sites is prohibited.


  • All items must fit within the allotted tailgate space and should not extend into walkways.
  • Any item or structure within a space must be commercially produced. Items not commercially
    produced require inspection to ensure they are safely conducted and do not pose a risk
    management issue.


  • Grills are to be placed on a firm, flat, stable surface.
  • Grills are not to be used under tents or closed structures.
  • Organizations are required to have a fire extinguisher for any grill.
    • A single 5lb. extinguisher is required for grills less than 3500sq. in.
    • A 10 lb. extinguisher is required for grills greater than 3500sq. in.


  • At 30 minutes to kick-off the Student Organization Tailgate Area will close.
  • Trash and coal are to be placed in marked bins. Do not dispose of hot goals on the ground.
  • Tailgate attendees must exit the area.
  • Tailgating supplies are to be prepared for post-game load-out.
  • Tailgate contacts will report back to the Student Organization Tailgate Area post-game to remove
    and load-out all tailgating supplies immediately following the conclusion of the game.
  • Utility vehicles are available for movement of large tailgate supplies (i.e. grills, seating, tents).
  • All supplies must be removed no later than 1.5 hours post-game.
    • All items not removed with 1.5 hours will be discarded by stadium staff.


  • Student organizations may host mixers in the student organization tailgating area.
  • Mixers will be held in an alternate area to ensure enough space and capacity for the anticipated
  • Student organizations with season reservations will forego their spot for that game in exchange
    for the mixer.


  • Organizations needing to rent tailgate equipment must submit the "Tailgate Equipment Form"
    available online and submit payment no later than 12pm NOON the Tuesday prior to the game
  • Click here for the reservation form.

NOTE: Violation of tailgating expectations or failure to follow procedures may result in
ejection from the Student Organization Tailgating Area, loss of tailgate privileges for
individuals or organizatons, or additional disciplinary action.

Updated: 9/1/15