Become An Advisor

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The Department of Student Activities deeply values the role that advisors play in the lives of our students. At Baylor University, advisors of student organizations are not simply chaperones. They are mentors, supervisors, teachers, leaders, followers, disciplinarians, educators, and friends who possess an incredible capacity to influence students as they navigate the real-life lessons of leadership and involvement. Both staff and faculty are encouraged to seek out opportunities to serve student organizations as advisors, and walk alongside students during their highly critical teachable moments.


The Department of Student Activities offers Baylor Faculty and Staff a unique opportunity in student mentoring through serving as a Student Organization Advisor. Advisors fulfill the following critical roles for student organizations:
  • Act as a consultant in the areas of goal setting, problem-solving, policy making, and upholding guidelines and purposes
  • Support the organization through attendance at on-campus and off-campus events, providing positive leadership at official activities.
  • Provide guidance for understanding Baylor University policies and procedures and adherence to those policies by the organization
  • Review and approve requests for organization events, activities, and publicity