Connecting Through Faith

"Many students come to college with an inherited belief. It is during these formative years that they ask, 'Why?'."

Michael Riemer, Student Activities


The Department of Student Activities developed Intersections, a Campus Programs Lecture Series, precisely to explore such questions. We co-sponsor the series with key academic partners in the Honors College, Brooks Residential College, and the Department of Spiritual Life to bring scholars, authors, and theologians to the campus.

Baylor's rich religious heritage meets at the crossroads of faith and learning, allowing for both spiritual growth and intellectual development. The lecture series explores the deep connection between faith, culture, and living one's theology with purpose and intention through topics such as faith and art, faith and literature, and faith and politics.

These discussion press students to question not only who they are, but who they want to become. It helps them make the connection between the rather nebulous phrase, "I am a Christian," and encourages them to start asking, "How can I best live like Christ?"

Real faith begins here, in real life, in the residence hall, on the intramural field, in class. The Department of Student Activities hopes to grow organizations and programs that allow room for faith to fill the hearts of students, to connect the campus as a community of believers, and to produce citizens of faith who can impact the world for good after college.