Connecting Through Education



The Baylor experience provides a framework that encourages learning, questioning, and growth of students to prepare them for life beyond university. The Department of Student Activities plays a crucial role in this framework, not only creating educational opportunities for student leaders to organize events, but also developing specific educational program of relevance to today's student body.

Such is the case with the annual Poverty Summit, a national conference focusing on issues surrounding poverty. Attendees travel from all over the country to participate in this annual three-day conference. Dynamic exhibitions of justice initiatives, interactive workshops, world hunger dinner simulations, film screenings, and national speakers stimulate academic thought; raise awareness about poverty; engage participants about the issues surrounding poverty; and encourage action.

Beyond the benefits to the attendees, the student organizers add valuable work experience to their resume through forming partnerships with local agencies, colleges, and universities, and gaining leadership skills in event planning. As with so many of Student Activities' programs, the Poverty Summit acts as an extension of the academic classroom and translates class lessons into hands-on educational experiences, creating a virtual "life lab" where students can put knowledge into practical use.